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One month in…

Starting weight on June 22: 232 lbs
Current weight: 219 lbs

So in 31 days, I have lost 13 lbs. A big loss the first week, then a consistent loss 2 lbs per week. I’m very pleased!

I’ve noticed that fatty foods (the one day I had a cheeseburger after a 6 hour hike) still give me heartburn, but that I’m feeling really good when I eat quality foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, limited fats, complex carbs (quinoa, wasa rye crackers, etc), lean proteins (salmon, pork loin, chicken without skin). I have severely limited my alcohol consumption too (I’m trying to avoid drinking calories).

I’m noticing a few other things – drinking lots of water really does help with weight loss. The days I drink a lot (at least 8 glasses or more), I see a consistant change from day to day. The days I don’t drink sufficient amounts, I notice gains the next morning. Drinking also helps keep me full. If I don’t drink the morning at work, I become ravenously hungry and have difficulty sticking to my food during the day. I also have noticed that I absolutely *must* eat dinner at about 6 pm. I am just too hungry to deal with delaying my hunger any longer. Before Diet I would eat at 8 pm or as late as 10:30 pm! To be able to eat that late, I would have to have a snack (not low calorie, I assure you) after work, and then I’d overeat, and go to bed full, and wake up full. That whole process was broken, but it was the lifestyle I had with multiple previous boyfriends (to do activities after work, and eat super late). That won’t work for me any longer.

I’m looking forward to getting into the 100s – I am looking for a suitable reward for making it. I’ve never rewarded myself before for weight loss, but this seems like a significant milestone. I’ve only been below 200 lbs once in my adult lifetime – after a 2-month trip to India, Nepal, and Tibet (in which I was so revolted by the smells and food in Tibet that I lost my appetite, stopped eating, and lost a lot of weight). I remember getting down to 175 by the end of that trip (which did include quite a bit of serious hiking/exercising), but of course, didn’t do anything to keep it off when I returned to the US, and started eating “regular” food again, in large quantities, and in higher-fat and higher-calories than I needed.

Last night I also added in some at home exercises. I started doing planks and some crunches (a pathetic amount since it was my first time), which I will continue to add more in as I get used to them. I also did some of the physical therapy exercises I learned 9 months ago after some issues came up with overtraining some mucles and learning I had some week muscles that started causing some serious pain because of bigger muscles overcompensating for the weak muscles.

I’ve found that really brisk walking burns almost no calories for me. It just doesn’t raise my heartrate enough. If I walk at a 4.0 or faster on the flat, my heart rate gets to about 107 – 113 and I burn like 220 calories an hour (not very much!). Luckily, I do have some serious hills right by my house, so I can take some routes that burn more like 350 calories an hour by doing hiking/hill climbs (where my heart rate gets up to 145 uphill). I have to make myself get out and do that in the evenings, several times a week. Adding to a big hike every weekend (of 2300+ calories burned), that seems to be an ok level of exercise for me right now.

Here’s to the next 13 lbs!

dietmaven out.


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Weight loss status (hint: it’s good) & being social

I hit 10 lb weight loss today! Current weight: 222.2 lbs.

Had a great day yesterday. Met up with a girlfriend for dinner, movie, and an evening walk. Dinner? Very low calories: shrimp, green beans, and cucumber/tomato salad – it’s great to have someone that eats the same types of food as me (ie, not pizza or a huge meal out).

Movie was awesome – the remake of Total Recall. Yum. And I can’t believe it, but we had NO SNACKS! I can’t conceive of going to the movies without a big tub of popcorn. I’m impressed. You should be too. After, we did a route around greenlake, which is a 2.75 mile loop around a lake. It was 9:30, it was dark, but it was balmy and awesome. We got to catch up and exercise for 45 minutes. Late night, I’m a little tired but good. I’ve only been doing brisk walks on flat this week, and I’m ok with that. I still have a ginormous leg bruise (the size of a salad plate on my leg) and can’t handle hard bouncing from my biking accident. I’m just consistently doing an hour or so brisk walk the last few days.

Ate too few calories – 1050, so will make sure I start adding back in nuts and yogurt again for my snacks. I need more protein consistently in my meals/snacks. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve been eating a lot less than 1500 calories consistently the last few days, and I need to be careful to eat enough. WTF?

Anyway, a nice casaual Friday at work, followed by food shopping. Hiking tomorrow, and biking Sunday. Go put on your weekend warrior!

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Weigh in and gym buffet

Haven’t officially “weighed in” in a while. Still don’t have a scale at home, so I use the weights and lever one in the locker room at my gym. Tonight? 208!!! I’m down 1 pound from last week. I worked out super hard last week, but after soreness/issues with a hip muscle, the upsurge in heat and humidity (which sucks all vitality out of me), and eating just waaaay too much this weekend, I only have 1 pound to show for the work,  instead of more. Oh well, at least I’m going down and working at it!!

In other news, my trainer was “fired” from the gym. She is opening her own place, also in my neighborhood. That sucks, since I have 3 more sessions to use up and I don’t want to just switch to a new trainer for only a short while. I may stick with her, and train at her place, soon to be opened in 1-2 months, and pay less than at 24 hour fitness.

I haven’t switched yet, so my normal training day, which is tomorrow, is now empty. I never make it into the gym when there’s a manager to facilitate this, as I don’t show up until 7:30 or later any evening! I think tomorrow, I may try out some of the gym’s other class options, particularly a class that I haven’t taken since February…Yoga!

Last time I took that I hurt so bad for 3 days that I couldn’t laugh or sneeze without intense pain. That’s what I got for having avoided any core muscle work before having my ass handed to me after an hour long extremely grueling experience that I swore off until I was in a lot better physical shape. If you have never taken yoga, let me tell you – it is HARD! Anyway, with all the strength training I’ve been doing, including abs/core, I think I may have a chance to make it through an hour without leaving, or sitting out the last 10 minutes (like last time!!). I may try and run tomorrow for a half hour or so, THEN go to yoga. Depends on how nastily muggy and humid it is.

So, that’s the news, the plan, and my current status. Be well… dietmaven out.


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Update, ramblings, and weight status

Well, I’m trying to get over the last few hectic/emotional/crazy weeks. Time to get back into the routine. Eat less, eat better, work out regularly, and BLOG!

First, the great news. I weighed myself last night and I was 211!!!! I have officially lost 14 lbs since staring. Way to go me! The few days not working out last week, and the occasional (healthy) eating out (with small portion sizes) didn’t seem to have too much of a negative affect. Whew! However, I know that won’t always be the case, so back to the regular workouts.

I bought new sneakers this weekend. I ended up going to a quieter, more no-frills running store and they started with shoes THEY picked for me (no looking at the pretties on the wall), watched me run, then modified from there. They didn’t have fancy machines that measured how my stride worked, they actually used their eyes and their skill instead. And when I asked if I should get an insert, they told me I didn’t need any with the shoes I was getting, as they had plenty of support. Wow. The last place I went (roadrunner sports) totally pushed the extras, plus they were a lot less knowledgeable about the products. I think I know where I’ll be shopping again! If you care, it was Jock ‘n Jill, which I strongly recommend!

As losing is still an exciting and new prospect for me I have to share 2 things. I got a bit of road rash on the undersides of my um, breast, from my workout bra. I realized after a second day of issues that I needed to use a tighter fitting. Wierd! Cool! I’m getting smaller, so my clothes need to be tighter, too! And I’m still not able to believe that when I put on my belt with my jeans that I can go to the second set of holes and it doesn’t make me unable to breath when I sit down. Instead, the belt actually  holds my clothes up better when it fits more snuggly. Who knew?! It’s wierd to be in mental denial of physical changes. I’m so used to being a certain size that I can’t wrap my head about the idea that I’m changing! My mind hasn’t caught up with me yet!

Got a bunch of bike parts and bits and pieces and am looking forward to mr. maven working on my bike (we’re trading favors, massage for him working on it). Win win for both of us. He’s going to take the whole thing apart, regrease everything from the inside out, take out some surface rust, put on new inner tubes. Then I’ll get it tuned up. THEN, we’ll start riding! I so miss being in biking shape. I used to do long 2-3 hour bike trips all the time with a friend of mine. I’ve set a goal for myself – by the end of the summer, I want to be able to ride from my house down to Lincoln Park, then to Alki, under the West Seattle bridge, through downtown and Interbay into Ballard, then join up with the Burke Gilman trail and ride that through the UDistrict all the way up to Bothell. And back. I loved doing the short trip from the University District up to Bothell, stopping at a Starbucks up on the trail, then doing the same backwards. Eventually I’ll be able to do the whole thing from my house, which is twice the distance I used to ride regularly, up and back. I think the whole trip will up being 6 hours and about 60-70 miles. But I think it’s doable if I start riding regularly. I had at one point made it around Lake Washington, 60+ miles in 7 hours (that was about 7 years ago before my biking buddy went to grad school and I stopped riding).

So I have grand plans, I’m being relatively consistant and moderately successful losing weight. But I’m still lacking in a few areas. I continually keep being out of breath and having difficulty when I take any classes – they tend ot be more high aerobic activity. I can run for a sustained period of time, just not at a higher intensity. I hope this will continue to improve as my weight diminishes and I stick with the cardio. I’m 38 about to turn 39, so I should expect my body to be unable to recover from weight gain and inactivity as readily as it used to. I should mentione that I continue to see modest improvement in my running speeds. 4.5 seems like an utter snail’s pace to me now (my original starting pace). I am now starting at 4.7 and going up to 5.0 with no major issues. Above that and I start having trouble maintaining it (breath, not muscle). I keep doing fast sprints, even when I don’t want to, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 and even the occasional 8.0!!! I do what I can.

Last time I attempted to lose weight (3 years ago), I was upset by the lack of progress. But I didn’t stick with it. This time, I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can improve with consistent cardio. Can I eventually get to the point that 5.5 is a doable basic speed? Will I ever be able to run 6.0 for more than 2-3 minutes? I’ve never applied myself to running for more than 3 months at a stretch. It’ll be interesting to see what improvements come with consistantly doing an activity.

Overall, I’m still emotionally tender and resentful about the last few weeks, but I have a good outlook when it comes to my personal health. Both mr. maven and I are in our own version of significant stress, but we are choosing to stick with the healthy routine. We both know it’s good for us, and actually a stress relief. It’s just hard to do at the end of a long, jarring day. But sometimes you just do. No think. Do. Because you know you need it, because you know it’s good for you, and because you just have to.

Next time I post it will be to address a wonderful blog award I was just given…. Until then, dietmaven out!


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