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Rambling overview of the last few days & starting the conversation about my food habits

It’s been a few days since my last post, so I’m going to go over a few items, all briefly:

I went for a bike ride on Sunday! There’s this fabulous bike/walking trail in Seattle called the Burke-Gilman trail. It extends a fairly long distance, from Ballard up to Bothell. I used to ride it all the time. Unfortunately, there’s a big chunk of it that’s under construction. So my hiking partner, who is suffering from a nasty case of planter fasciitis and who can’t hike or walk much, went biking with both me and J. We went up north to past the construction, and cycled from Bothel up and around to Marymore Park, which is about a 15 mile trip there, or 30 miles round trip. It totally didn’t feel like it! However, my bike was misbehaving and extra difficult to ride – the front break pads were rubbing against the tire, making it very difficult to cycle. I don’t know what to do, I am planning another ride on Monday, and I am out all Saturday and I bet no one is open on Sunday to help me with the problem, and usually you have to leave your bike someplace to get it fixed. Oh well, I will just have to avoid using the front brakes and then lean down to pull it off the tire when I do forget and use it.

The ride was awesome, nice trail, though very busy! Pretty, and a good time! Unfortunately it was super hot in Seattle. It actually was like 85 degrees!! It was way hotter than I typically can stand. I brought lunch, a bunch of fruit cut up in a plastic tub and a baguette sandwich with deli meat, a slice of havarti, and a handful of lettuce (no mayo!). I did break down and have a large root beer with it (darn my craving for carbonation!) while we walked around the dog show that was happening at the park.

I have been doing ok going to the gym. I didn’t go Monday – I was stuck at work super late and just too tired to go when I got home at 7:30. But Tuesday I made myself go to step class, even if I was 3 minutes late, at least I went. Though it got really hard when I had a muscle issue with my calf – either a pulled muscle or a charlyhorse that never went away! I had to use my water bottle to roll it out during a short 1 minute break, it was hurting so bad! But I stuck with the class ok. Weds I went, mistaking that might for my training session. When I realized it wasn’t Weds after all, it was the next day, I was uber depressed. Man, I went to the gym and I didn’t have to?!?! But I was there, so I made myself do cardio. 58 minutes, 675 calories, 4.6 miles. I did a lot of intervals, and got up to some pretty high speeds, which wore me out and made me need long recovery periods. I felt good, but may have overdone it. There’s some wierdly sore areas on where my right leg connects to my butt/trunk area. Not sure how to describe it. Still hurts today, and I am walking funny because of it. Then tonight had my second trainining session…

Tonight’s training session was better. She’s different from my last trainer. I’m getting used to the three sets of everything. It is causing significant muscle fatique, and I don’t think that is a bad thing! We did so many lunge sets tonight that my legs are total jelly!!! I feel like the exercises are a bit more classic exercise, so I don’t feel like there’s anything new there, just that it’s a routine that I wouldn’t necessarily have done on my own. I’m going to write it down in a little notebook to refer to in the future when I need a routine. Tons and tons of lunges with shoulder presses, chest presses, bent over rows with a bar, deadlift style, some cable machine exercises that worked my obliques (ab choppers going up and ab choppers going down, pulling and pushing), and then a set of assisted pull-ups that worked my biceps.

Oh yes, there’s some psychological/mental things I wanted to discuss, too. I’m realizing that my attitude to food is way too comfortable. I’m allowing myself to splurge a little too often, and way too frequently. I don’t watch it when I’m around less healthy food. I allow myself to accept glasses of wine that J hands me at night, and I will eat the food that he makes since I don’t feel like making myself something different – a lot of it involves pan frying in olive oil, starches, and less vegetable matter. When I go out, I don’t worry about navigating the menu in the most healthful way. I don’t do fried chicken and cheesecake by any means, but I don’t do great either!!! So basically I’m super sloppy with my food. And I really need to step it up when it comes to my eating. I’m going to talk more about this again, but it’s a problem area, and I really need to give my eating a swift kick in the pants!

On the exercise front, I’m going, I’m putting in the work, and I work hard when I go. But I let last week’s momentum fade when I took a few too many days off (at first to recover from my hip muscle problem, then it stretched into being comfortable not going to the gym). Luckily, it was only 4 days, and not longer!!! Either way, this week, I’m super sluggish, overly tired (I haven’t been getting to sleep earlier enough either), which has resulted in my gym performance less than average. I mean, hey, I work out 600 calories/1 hour every time, but as I mentioned above, my food is not great. If I don’t step up the exercise, I ain’t gonna lose a thing!!! That’s been my problem for the longest time and it HAS GOT TO CHANGE.

I think I am going to email my “old” trainer, the one that is opening up her new place, and ask her to help me craft and figure out an exercise regiment. Not just a 50 minute workout routine for once a week, but to really look at what I should be doing, cardio/weights/classes/independant exercising, to meet my weight loss goals. That feels like a good thing to do. I’ve been exercising now since January. Holy crap it’s now September and I need to step it up and really focus! It’s been 8 months and I haven’t even lost 20 pounds. That’s pathetic and I can do better!

So, I have to get my butt in gear. I have to ask for help in my exercise regiment. I have to step up my workout intensity and time that I put out. I need to be consistent for 5 days at the gym and 1 day of my own non-gym exercising. I have to really buckle down when it comes to my food, most importantly dinners and portion sizes. And I bet I should try and drink more water. I never do, and I think that might help.

Well, it’s time for my rambling post to come to an end. I hope the next time I report in I will do so with improved vigor and intensity!

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Week 22

Ok, my last recap was from week 8. Please ignore my absense from weeks 9 – 21 (a minor glitch, I assure you!). Anyway, on to the past week.

Exercise recap:
Did very well with my goal to step up all workouts. As of Weds, I bumped up my physical activity from 60 minutes to a minimum of 90. I think I can continue to do this, so will plan on 90+ minutes, going forward.

Food-wise, I continued to bring lunch every day. I am starting to get tired of the same foods, but they are sustaining me. Sometimes the boredom is making me not eat it, so I have more leftover than I otherwise have had. I have been indulging in popcorn a bit too often, however. I typically air-pop it, add olive oil, salt, peper, paprika, nutritional yeast, and parmesian cheese (fresh grated).

I was bad and bought a bottle of St. Germain. Add 1 part liquer to 3 parts sparkling water, and you get a tipsy dietmaven. But it’s oooh, so tasty. I have had 2 drinks this past week. Why oh why did I buy that bottle?!?

Mon 8/8: 1 hour weights: did my own hour long resistance training, based on previous PT training sessions. I have no idea how many calories are burned during weight training, but I did lots of super sets with very few breaks, for a full hour.

Tues 8/9: Step class: 1 hour cardio, probably about 500-600 calories burned.

Weds 8/10: 1 hour trainer session (all weights/resistance)

Thurs 8/11: Day off (as of NEXT week my regular Thursdays commitment will be ended, so I may try and do an additional work out then, or I may have this be my fun evening off, who knows)

Fri 8/12: 90 minutes cardio: Ran on the treadmill for 90 straight minutes, 6.5 miles, 900 calories burned. Whoo hoo! Furthest distance/longest run ever!

Sat 8/13: day off, super sore hip muscle, decided to let it heal and be a sloth at home for the day (and I more than made up for it the next day)

Sun 8/14: OMG 3.5 hours at the gym!!!! (1800 calories burned I think) – 1 hour Powerpump class, 30 minutes running, all starting at 9 am – if you knew me you’d give me a gold star for going so early! Went home and J asked if we were going to the gym at 7 pm to watch Iron Chef. Ok, I can handle an extra hour, it’ll be fun! So we went. And then iron chef wasn’t on (some stupid food truck race was). Grr. We were already there and stayed. Then half way through, they said Iron Chef was on in the next hour. WTF? Well, we decided to stay for 2 hours to watch it. I walked on a mid-incline and ran during commercial breaks. I didnt’ want to run the whole time due to my agrivatedly sore hip muscle. I left with blisters, sore feet, and wondered if I overdid it and really pulled the muscle or not. It was kinda like hiking, but shorter and without all the bugs (and think of all the gas I saved!)!

Estimated total calories burned: 4200*
Miles run/walked: 14 (approximately)
Days of activity: 5
Hours of activity: 8

* (estimating 1 hour of weights = 500 calories)

I’m happy to report that while I was pretty achey last night, I’m no worse for wear. I have a general fatique in all my muscles, particularly low back from the weight class, and leg muscles since they are much abused these days, but my hip is doing ok. I think tonight is going to be another night off, which I will use to recover, rest, and heal. Plus I’m stuck late at work (by an extra 2 hours), AND have to go shopping at Costco, so that’s 3 hours lost. And I need to wash all 4 pairs of sports bras or I can’t work out again. So I am taking an enforced day off. Which means if I do that, I should probably work out on Thursday.

Weigh-in coming up soon. Fingers crossed…

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Week 8

The week started out with a whimper. It didn’t end with one, but it certainly wasn’t a bang, either. I did ok workout-wise, but I haven’t been vigilant with eating, either. This week I haven’t experienced a gain, rather a complete holding steady, scale-wise. I feel like this week has been nothing but treading water. I’ve come out of this week with the knowledge that I need to be much more careful with my eating. I need to put my foot down when it comes to preparing food at home, meaning that if I don’t fully agree with what my boyfriend is preparing, to actually make something else, even if I’m exceptionally tired and want to veg on the couch.

A friend recently put it all in perspective: it’s easier to reduce your calories by 500 per day than it is to do that much more in a workout EVERY day. That’s a pretty hardcore hour-long workout! Yes, it would be easier to eat less. I have to accept that, which up to now I have been in denial about, and trying to avoid. I think this week is showing me that I can no longer avoid eating less.

So on to last week…

Exercise Recap:

Mon 2/21: Light workout, walked for 1 hour, nothing strenuous as I was recovering from a sore quad muscle. Tried a special eliptical (you can modify the stride to be from stair-stepping to really extended), not sure I liked it, too wierd, didn’t like the controlled movement, then switched to 20 minutes on the treadmill. Maybe 400 calories?
Tues 2/22: Took the night off. Very sore, even moreso than previous few days. Actually I should say I was hurt, not sore. There’s a difference.
Weds 2/23: Still suffering unhappy leg muscle, so I did a light workout, upper body weights and 20 minutes on the treadmill, nothing strenuous. I’m guessing 450 calories? Note: started my new upper body weight routine tonight! Hello testosterone room!
Thurs 2/24: Took the night off, wanted to make sure I was healed. Considered a fast run at the gym, decided to leave it for Friday night.
Fri 2/25: Cardio. 1 hour on the treadmill. Missing the full energy I thought I should have.
Sat 2/26: 1 hr, 50 minute walk first thing: 770 calories followed by an evening gym workout – 1 hour treadmill cardio, 450 calories. Total: 1230 calories! However, it left my muscles super fatigued.
Sun 2/27: 1 hour cardio on the treadmill. Didn’t do as much running as I wanted due to a lot of preexisting muscle fatigue. Looking into how to prevent that better this coming week.(Iron Chef’s secret ingredient: Skipjack Tuna).

Food. About that.

(please note that I wrote this several days ago, so the food-denial I mentioned above you can clearly see below).

Went out for dinner early in the week. Felt super tired either from not enough sleep and/or having a possible virus, low-grade. I had 2 days of dizziness and inner ear issues, but I never felt sick. It caught up with me and I really thought to myself “screw it” but at least didn’t eat anything horribly bad. And I kept my portion size reasonable. I did have a glass of wine that night, and it felt fabulous. Like usual, if I do splurge, and I do occasionally, it is never horrible, and never something I can’t bounce back from quickly [editor’s note: can you TASTE the denial?]

I continue to be on a mission to eat more vegetables with dinner, even to the point of making them in addition to my boyfriend’s cooking, when he cooks. I need to figure out a mechanism to exercise just a little bit more outside of the gym [see above!]. Unless I wake up earlier (NOT going to happen for this non-morning gal) to go for a walk, I probably won’t get much. Work doesn’t really allow for it, and anyway, I don’t really want to walk around an industrial park area where there’s nothing but cars and truck exhaust! The weekends I’ll just have to really seriously walk, maybe around the neighborhood, go for an hour walk at a local park, PLUS the gym, and/or go snowshoeing or hiking. Weekends are when I have the extra time to really do stuff!

That’s all to report, other than the fact that i’m getting really tired of my every day lunches. I think I got bored with the cheese I had this week, and I didn’t have many sandwiches, and I really like those. Instead I had leftovers (lentils & braised lamb shanks, or leftover restaurant chicken). I did start eating carrot sticks with my apple, which was great, I’ll be eating 2 carrots a day in addition to 1 apple, 2 ounces of full-fat cheddar, and 1 to 1 1/2 servings of nuts. Then my main lunch item, either a sandwich or leftovers, and possibly a luna bar or similar in late afternoon. It’s the s-a-m-e thing every day M-F, week to week.

Lately I have fallen back into being too tired/lazy to make breakfast. I haven’t been having my shake or oatmeal and just starting off snacking at 10-10:30 with the apple/carrot mixture. It’s been working ok so far, but I should probably start having the shake again, as cold as it makes me! It will be easier in summer, that’s for sure! [Editor’s note: I have been experiencing much higher levels of hunger and dissatisfaction with what I’m eating by not having breakfast. I have already gone back to making breakfast this week, and it’s working better].

Going Forward

Ok, back to current day & reality. I am still experiencing muscle fatigue, much more than I feel I should have. I’ll be researching that a little this week and seeing what I can do to improve this. I don’t know that my workouts will be improving much until this is resolved. Check in next week for the next installment…


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Week 7

This has been a steady week with a lot of subtle progress. I may not have worked as intensely as I would have liked, only 5 days at the gym, and didn’t make it out snowshoeing. But I have begun incorporating more at home exercise to supplement going to the gym, and the gym is becoming more of a habit. I don’t fight going as much as I have been; I just give in and go, even if I don’t want to. I hope I get to the point that I go without even thinking about it, that it becomes so much of a routine that it is an unconscious activity.

I’m consistently pushing to work 600 calories or so each workout, with a total that I’m estimating at about 3100 calories this week. It would have been more, but I had a really extra strong workout day on Saturday and may have overdone it – Sunday was necessarily a very light day (which unfortunately looks to be continuing as I recover).

In food news, did pretty well. I had 2 steaks this week, a little more in size and frequency than I should be eating, but overall, it was a fairly well balanced week. I semi-indulged a little here and there, but not very much (just a scone with marmalade on Saturday, and a large pasta dish with too little veggies on it one evening). I’m noticing that I’m able to handle being hungry a little better than I used to during the day, and I also have noticed that it is more normal for me to stop eating and be satisfied even if I’m not full like I used to be. Not being hungry is often good enough, I no longer need to eat until I’m excessively full. That in itself is a major change and a very positive one! Though I need to be careful to only put what i need on my plate – otherwise I’ll eat everything presented to me and lick the plate clean to boot!

Mon: Did weights, upper and lower body.
Tues: took the day off.
Weds: 1 hour cardio. Can’t remember what. About 600 calories.
Thurs: day off.
Fri: Did an hour cardio on the treadmill, 600 calories.
Sat: 2/19: Did a morning workout and really pushed. Burned 900 calories over an hour and a half. Did a lot of fast running sprints during the last half hour. Tried to stay active the rest of the day so I wouldn’t stiffen up.
Sun: Recovery day – did 1 hour walk in my neighborhood, then 1 hour at the gym on the treadmill, slow walking. Was dealing with an overtaxed quad muscle on one leg and a sore knee on the other. I think the kneecap was tracking poorly and I think I need to start strengthening the inner leg muscle that connects to the knee (this has been an issue in my pre-workout days) to keep the knee cap from pulling to the outside by stronger muscles. Between both walks, I’m guessing 550 calories spent (300 on the treadmill at least).

Pushed hard by the end of the week, and it’s making my next week start off quite slowly – not yet fully recovered. However, I think I’ll bounce back strong, in a few days. I’m also struggling with some wierd dizzy-like symptoms. I don’t know if it’s an issue with my inner ear or a low-grade fever, but things are spinning and I’m having trouble not listing to the side. I think I will take tonight off officially and get a lot of rest as my leg muscles are still not recovered. Just a small glitch on the journey, nothing major.


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Week 6

This has been an awesome week. I went to the gym only 5 times, but I exercised every single day. And only one of those days do I consider a light workout. I felt really strong this week, and saw some big gains in my energy level and running ability. I doubt I’ll see such a big growth again. I feel like I can do longer workouts now, so I may try and stay a little longer on some nights.  I am also going to try and fit in regular walks on top of gym time going forward as well. As the weather gets nicer, and the sun is up longer, of course!

I didn’t eat badly, but I did have some non diet food on Sunday. Had a not so low calorie thai meal (it had fried noodles in it) and then had a small movie popcorn when we went to see True Grit, the first movie I’ve seen in about 4 months! And I’m having a big glass of wine with dinner tonight. I think it’s important to have an outlet every so often (once a week or so) where you can loosen up. It helps let off steam so I don’t always feel so restricted in my eating!

Anyway, on to the awesome results:

Mon 2/7: Cardio! 1 hour on the treadmill, 600 calories. I had less endurance than I expected, 5 weeks in. Did 30 minutes hill climb, then tried running the last 30 minutes, did pretty good, only a few walking breaks.
Tues 2/8: Did step class. It is still kicking my butt. When will I start noticing cardio/endurance improvement? Maybe I’m expecting too much at 5 weeks?
Weds 2/9: Already posted that I got waylayed by a dinner/routine change. Didn’t go to the gym, but felt bad about that and went for an hour walk at night when I got home from the bookstore, late. (this is my “light” exercise day)
Thurs 2/10: To make up for yesterday, did full hour of weights very late at night. No increase in strength; did the same routine as usual, with the same weight numbers. Ran a full mile as warmup (135 calories), could have done more!
Fri 2/11: 1 hour cardio. Ran for 56 minutes, 4.25 miles, 630 calories total. Wow. Can’t believe I ran as much as I did, but at a slow 4.5 speed. (I repeat, wow!)
Sat 2/12: 4 hour snowshoe @ Kendall Peak (Snoqualmie Pass). No gym, I think I did well enough without! (definitely a high-calorie expenditure day)
Sun 2/13: Due to my calves being in agony from snowshoeing, didn’t think I’d do much but walk on the treadmill during Iron Chef. Instead, I ended up doing mid-level hill climbs and then running during commercials. For some reason, my calves did not hurt one bit during running, and since Ifelt so damn good, I started running at a much higher level than I have been up until now. I ran most of the last 30 minutes, with a few walking breaks, averaging about 5.1 speed. Finished with a 2 minute sprint at 6-7 speed. WHEW! I could have done another half hour running, too, but thats it for the night. And an amazing cap to the week. Oh, and the secret ingredient was mexican chocolate (in honor of Valentine’s)!

Stay strong!


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Week 5 Recap, or “Just Doing”

Exercise: Overall, did 5 days at the gym, and went for 2 walks. I kindof want to be going 6 days, but if I really wanted it, I would have made it happen. I’m satisfied with 5 days a week of hour-plus-long workouts. I’m glad I started adding in more non-gym activities. I think I will focus on this aspect more going forward, getting in more walks/activities beyond an hour or so at the gym daily. I have to remember that anything beyond the minimum 5 days/week at the gym is just gravy – I should think of it as instant weight loss!

Food: Ate well for breakfast/lunches all week. Dinner still having some issues with the food J likes to prepare and the amount of veggies that are prepared (I can eat a mountain of veggies, J well, he’s kindof the opposite).  Very pleased that I made it all of January, that is EVERY SINGLE DAY, bringing my lunch. A major first for me! Previously, I think I could do like 3 days a week for maybe 2 weeks before buying it every day.

Alcohol: I continue to have a sip here and there of J’s red wine (he has 2 glasses every night), but I’m generally doing really well with the alcohol avoidance. Had a half glass of red one week night, 2 cocktails on Friday, a shot of tequila Saturday and that is it. I am not a lush (even though I might sound like one since I talk about it so often, but I’m totally not – 2 drinks and I fall asleep).  In fact I don’t really drink that much, but it’s hard to avoid when there’s a glass of something around all the time.

 Here’s the run down:

Monday 1/31: Weights! I pushed hard and saw some great improvement. Started doing forearm curls to strengthen that muscle, but I’m going to have to research it a bit more i think. Due to serious lack of activity since my accident(s) I have a lot of lost strength in my arms particularly.  Upper/lower body, full all around resistance workout.
Tuesday 2/1:  Got home late from work, J had to semi-drag me to the gym. Was struggling with ideas of what to do; still suffering sore below-the-knee areas and leg muscle strain. Decided to try their step class, dragged J into it with me. Hard! Halfway through had to remove the risers since I couldn’t handle the bouncing anymore ! Did more low-impact moves after that point. Super sore calves followed, for several days…
Weds 2/2: Nothing to do at work/very bored. I left early at 3:30, went to Seward Park and did a loop walk for 1 hr. Got home late, reluctantly dragged myself to the gym (all I wanted was to sit on the couch and eat dinner), did hill climb and 20 minutes on the stairclimber.  Not the best workout ever, but overall for the day did really really well. Food-wise, ran out of bread AND sandwich meat today, and cheese for snacks, so tomorrow’s lunch was starting to look pretty scanty. Had to stay up late to make lentil soup or else I would have had to go buy food for lunch tomorrow (NO!), so I bucked up and cooked when I was super tired after the gym at 9 pm.
Thurs 2/3: weekly day off; calves so sore I could barely hobble around. Had to take stairs sideways. Everyone asked what was wrong! Whew, good to have this day off. Didn’t have any food to bring with me for dinner at the photo lab, so I resisted eating for as long as I could before giving in and getting a Subway sandwich. Got the ham 6″ with tons of veggies and fat free dressing. It barely made a dent in my hunger, but after eating a cliff mojo bar, I was ok. I’m learning that eating fat and protein together is really necessary or I don’t feel full or satisfied (meat, nuts, cheese, avocado). Fruit does nothing for me by itself.
Fri 2/4: Ambushed by a business’ anniversary party I went to unexpectedly, they had St. Germain liquor at the bar (my fav!)! I couldn’t help it, so had a cocktail with muddled ginger and blueberries, St. Germain, a splash of lime Tanqueray and topped with ginger beer. And then their punch bowl with 3 citrus juices, absinthe and home-made grenedine! The snacks were yummy too! Caprese salad on toothpicks, pita/hummus/pickled red onions/feta/olives. Mmmm, ate a lot of those! I was a little tipsy, so never made it to the gym. And apparently that was dinner also; I never ate anything else that evening. I think I definitely kept within calories today, even with the alcohol! And I’m still obsessing about that food. I want to make a big plate o’ hummus with veggies and feta for dinner sometime soon, with a quick pickled red onion and cucumber. YUM!
Sat 2/5: Had to make up for yesterday. Went for a walk in Lincoln Park, 30 minutes brisk walk. Later in the evening, did full weights. J made cod for dinner. I really really don’t like white fish! But I ate it anyway at least a small piece. It was a major struggle to convince him to make a lot of veggies (the entire parcel of asparagus). I told him I want to have half veggies on my plate, and he doesn’t eat them much, so he didn’t believe that I would eat them. But I did. He ate like 8 tiny spears and I ate the rest (especially because of the, ugh, fish). I wouldn’t call the roasted/baked potato slices with olive oil healthy, but I ate ’em. Ate breakfast so late it was really brunch, so ate 1 meal less than usual. Had a small shot of tequila pre-dinner, yum! It’s nice to relax on the weekend.
Sun 2/6: Tonight is cardio. J decided he is going to actually eat super healthy for at least 2 or 3 months, no red meat, no skin on chicken, no butter at all. Tonight, though, is his last fling with no holds barred eating. He’s making his french provencal inspired bbq pork ribs – the rub is his own creation, the bbq sauce is homemade. Omigod it’s good, but luckily I don’t eat very much of it. After tonight, any red meat I want I will have to bring home myself. And horror of horrors, there was NO iron chef on tonight! What the hey?! It was some stupid repeat lame-ass worst-cooks contest that I hate. I ran/walked for an hour, about 510 calories I think.

Saturday weigh-in: 218! This is my true weight, since I wasn’t wearing clothes, or shoes at the time, just a towel and socks. I think I’ve lost 5-6 in January since I’m not 100% sure of my initial weight (224-225 I think).

I’m also realizing that I continually have what I consider less than stellar workouts. Meaning I’m sluggist, sore, having a hard time pushing through and finishing. but I make myself do the full hour on the treadmill, or that final set of 3 reps for a muscle I dislike working and that’s ok. What matters is the habit of going, even when I don’t want to, even when I’m complaining about it. Just doing it and being consistent is what will work. Does the fat care that I had a bad or good attitude? No, I think it cares if I work at all! So regardless of how awesome I feel I am or am not doing, I am doing it and that’s all that matters. Here’s to future weeks of just doing…


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Week 4

 Here’s my boring weekly recap post. For posterity. Should be fun to look back months from now and see and remember this all. Yeah, I’m doing this for posterity (and my posterior among other parts!).

Monday 1/24: Relucantly did weights. Upper and lower. Need to start doing more abs. I still avoid it. Maybe if I don’t do them, I won’t have to? Yeah right.
Tuesday 1/25: 1 hour cardio! Hardcore, though I didn’t run as much as I though I would; did run/walk intervals and then a big hill climb for 20 minutes. 600 calories! I think I may have overdone it and hurt/semi-pulled a muscle on the back of my leg, just above the heel.
Wednesday 1/26: I went. That’s about the best I can say. Leg muscle pretty darn sore, and it was affecting general movement, even plain ol’ walking. Couldn’t use treadmill, and elliptical hurt if I went past level 1, due to the steep angle. Since I already don’t like the elliptical, I only did 10 minutes. Tried the stairclimb machine, did that for 10 minutes, did a few weights, (only a few upper body). As I said, at least I went.
Thursday 1/27: weekly day off.
Friday 1/28: yoga class, followed by 22 minutes walking on treadmill (150 calories, at least it’s something!). I’m now very sore! Actually, my stomach continued to be horribly painfully sore, and didn’t stop hurting until next Weds!
Saturday 1/29: Unapologetically took the day off. I already posted about this, but damn, it was nice to sleep in, go food shopping, hit the bookstore for a few hours, go home, eat a nice meal, go to bed, with planning/exercise coordination to fit it in the schedule. Whew. I needed it.
Sunday 1/29: Went and did 1 hour cardio on the treadmill. Initially feeling pretty blah, then rocked it! Did some hill climbing, a little running, and at the end, some seriously fast minute sprints up to 7.0 speed. Unfortunately, could feel strain in my lower calf/ankle muscle and continued strain below the knee on the inside (it feels like ligament problems). Reluctantly decided I need to stop running for a while to see if I can get it to heal/stop. Either way, strong workout, 600 calories, and the secret ingredient in Iron Chef was passion fruit!

My eating is pretty consistant compared to past weeks. My breakfasts and lunches are the same every day, either a smoothie or oatmeal packages, and for lunch an apple, some slices of hard cheese, handful of pecans/almonds, and a baguette sandwich with 1/5 avocado, lettuce, and 3 slices of deli meat (ham or chicken). Occasionally a bar in the afternoon if I was hungry before arriving home.

Dinners continue to be the biggest challenge, as I continue to eat large portions. They are very comforting, to come home from the gym, have been stringent all day with eating, and be ready to relax and be comforted with a full belly. It’s hard for me to eat smaller portions, particularly at this time of the day. I’m trying hard to at least make them healthy. Smaller portions of meat and fat, large amounts of vegetables. I am still relatively on track, so I may not push too much on the food for a few more weeks until I get stronger and start increasing my exercising and calorie expenditures.

Getting used to making “healthy” popcorn – instead of a large amount of melted butter, I’m using a tiny bit of olive oil (1 tbsp?), grated parm cheese, nutritional yeast, paprika, salt, and pepper. I think its low calories. It feels decadent and i’m ok without the half stick of butter. NO CAKE! Thankfully, J finished it off by Weds night. I am happy to report that I only had a half a slice the first night, and one big bite the last night, and that was it! I feel vindicated.

I again had a skinny latte drink at Starbucks on Thursday. It tasted extremely void of anything good or real, and after I drink some of it, I really didn’t want any more. I also felt more empty than if I’d had a nice cup of herbal tea. I’ve decided I’m done with them. I will probably drink plain tea, or in the summer, a tazo iced tea with a splenda in it or something. I also realize that I should start making more snack packs of fruits and veggies to much on. I will start making some carrot sticks to crunch when I’m feeling the need to snack and eat something without really being hungry.

Another thing, I realized that when I make smoothies in the morning, it makes me extra cold, so I’ve been lazy and not allowing myself enough time to make them plus not wanting cold food on cold winter mornings. I’ve been taking a yogurt cup with me for work instead.


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