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Snowshoe #2: Kendal Peak

Today falls into the category of don’t let your mind talk you out of doing something you know you might enjoy. My friend and I made plans to snowshoe this Saturday. The weather report was 90% chance of rain in Seattle and 70% at the pass, where we were planning on going. In other words, guaranteed rain. Ugh. I thought longingly several times, of not going, particularly this morning when the alarm went off, and my nice, warm, comfy bed was wrapped all around me. I mean, who wants to get miserably wet and be cold for hours while exercising? Not I, normally. But I wouldn’t let me talk myself out of going.

I’m glad I didn’t let me get in the way! It turned out to be a gorgeous day. It was in the mid 30s the whole time, not too windy, and after a 3 minute period of light rain, it cleared up, the cloud layer moved up high, and we had amazing visibility of the surrounding peaks. We had a fabulous time! We hiked for about 4 hours I think, mostly uphill on Kendal Peak, right at Snoqualmie Pass.

I hadn’t been out since New Years, and it was great. I felt strong, we went slow, both of us overweight, but working on getting in shape. I definitely could tell the gym time has been paying off. At the end I was pretty footsore, but not muscle sore like I would be after hiking. It wasn’t as long as a normal long summer hike would be, but it was long enough. We had a nice lunch up high overlooking the skiing lifts across the valley, then went back.

We made plans to do hiking again like we had done last year, and talked about how much easier and better it would be by being lighter doing it. Carrying an extra 75 lbs makes for challenging¬†trips and very painful feet!¬†If we could stay in shape and become strong and increase our endurance just by hiking one single day out of 7, with no further exercise, just imaging what it will be like with gym 4-5 days on top of that?! Then add in healthy eating and I can’t wait to see what results we’re going to have this summer! I’m looking forward to ramping up my exercise regime with a 3,000 calorie burning workout once a week.

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Posted by on February 12, 2011 in Snowshoeing