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Running personal best!!!

I’ve been gone so long from the blogosphere and now I’m more than making up for it!!! I just had to share…

I’ve recently decided to push my workouts to be longer than 1 hour. I want to add at least 100 calories of exercise burn every time I work out to what I had been doing.

So last night I knew I was going to do cardio and run on the treadmill. Instead of running for an hour, which works out to about 600 calories, I decided I would push to 6 miles and 900 calories. I thougth I’d do an extra 30 minutes, for 90 minutes of running. And I did it!!!!!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this at a fast pace, so I kept my running speed between 4.6 – 5.0 (MPH), no incline, and just went slow and steady. 50 minutes, 4 miles, 550 calories, no problem! I had to reset the machine as it stops after an hour, so I reset at this point, took a minute to walk and rehydrate,¬†and kept going. There were definitely times in the extra half hour that I wanted to stop, or walk for a bit before running again, but I pushed through those feelings. I knew they were all mental, and that physically I could keep going. So I did. I was hurting, particularly a muscle on my left hip that I overtaxed somehow and pulled a few days ago, but I was ok with it hurting badly the next day (which it totally does, by the way!!! oww).

I’m so excited. I pushed myself to run for 90 minutes. I ran 900 calories (that was my goal!!!), and I ran farther than I ever have before. I ran 6.5 miles!!! My last best run was 5 miles several years ago, and that was only once. The most I have run since this journey started in January 2011 was 4.5 miles. I exceeded that by 2 miles last night! Whoo hoo!

I think I proved that I can run and have the mental energy to keep going, even if I feel like quitting. If I keep training, and if I do this without a partially hurt/injured muscle, then I think I can definitely do 2 hours instead of 1 1/2. I am going to try and do that in a few weeks. I’m so excited, and I just had to share.

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AMAZING running highlight!

I just had to post a quick hell yeah! I went to the gym (2 hours later than usual, and very very very hungry!) and got on the treadmill. I was intending to just go slow and see how I my foot coped, but somehow I ended up running. And running, and running… My foot felt ok, and I concentrated really hard on good foot form (meaning placement that wouldn’t hurt or jar areas of my foot that hurt or get injured). It seemed to work.

So I ran 4.5 miles and burned 650 calories. In an hour. I walked for 4 minutes total out of that, 2 minutes to warm up and 2 quick breaks during.

This is the *most* I have ever run at one time, IN MY LIFE. I have done 4 miles (twice I think), maybe even 4.25 miles once, but never ever more than that. I am stunned. And I am still very heavy, and only on my 7th week of gym time. Holy moley, where did this come from?

I think the anti-chafing glide stuff I got from the running store must be the reason. I would previously¬†run a bunch, then get a nasty rash that takes 3-4 days to clear up so I can’t even walk, and now, I’m perfect, the whole time, with no chafing, no rash, no raw areas, anywhere. Possibly TMI, but this has been the biggest struggle in my life, dealing with chafing and exercise. This has been the single biggest frustration, and one that has brought me to tears many times over. I never knew there was a solution (and talk/baby powder does absolute crap!!).

I know I didn’t take it slow, and I’m probably going to regret it, but I feel like I’m on cloud 9. I’ve even increased my speed a tiny bit. I can slowly increase up to 4.9 by the end of the hour and still maintain it! Yeah, I’m getting faster!

Anyway, me and my bursting pride are way tired and are going to hit the hay, only an hour and 15 minutes later than usual. Night all!!!

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