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Kill it with exercise

I’m a huge fan of extreme exercise days. Meaning prolonged and continued exercise for several to many hours. My favorite activities to do currently are hiking and biking. Both require a good level of fitness to do, and of course, a long period of time in which to complete the activity. As I am currently employed and work about 45 hours a week, that means weekends.

In Spring I try to “get back into” hiking, going to trails that aren’t snowed in (ie, lowland elevations). I go up a mountain, or along a creek, always uphill. I try to do hikes that are 5-8 miles and 1000’+ elevation gain to start. After my “break in” period, meaning I don’t die of exhaustion the next day and can drive home without being horribly unwell, I’m ready for the next phase. This usually coincides with some melting in the snowpack. I start having more variety of hikes available, but they are usually more strenuous – longer, steeper, further away. I start doing those. My limit based on many years ago, is about 14-15 miles, but I haven’t gotten back to that level for a long while (I bet being 225 lbs doesn’t help!). I don’t really like anything that’s much more than 3000′ elevation gain in a hike, either, but i do them if the payout (ie the destination) is worth it.

So I’ve returned to the weightloss fold almost 2 weeks ago. Luckily, prior to that, while my eating was significant and not good, I was still playing weekend warrior. I’ve put in a bunch of hikes and can already tell they are having an impact. I did pretty good on my hike last week. And today I took the day off work and decided to get a long day of biking in. Prior to today, I did a big ride 2 weeks ago, 30 miles in 3.5 hours. Unfortunately, I have done a few rides of that length, and have gotten serious sores on my butt for my effort. The open sores line up perfectly with the stitching on the padded part of my biking shorts. In a word, the shorts made me miserable. So I went to the bike store and they told me to buy the most expensive biking shorts I could afford. Well I did. I just got a $110 pair and boy oh boy the difference!

Today I did a 41 mile ride, and I can totally feel the difference the hiking has made. After getting back I totally know I could have gone much further. I have a goal to circumnavigate Lake Washington – that’s about 60 miles – by fall. I think I’m well on my way and close to achieving that. No butt soreness. No welts and chafing. Unfortunately, I do have a bad souvenier of my ride today, but it’s not fitness related:

So go kill it and get over more than 2000 calories burned in a day by doing something prolonged for a half day or longer. Go hiking for 6 hours, go biking for more than 4, or maybe do something else you enjoy – running, kayaking, whatever floats your boat. Just kill the calories, not you. Remember to wear a helmet or appropriate safety equipment – trust me, they will one day totally pay off!

Oh, and with 2 days left this weekend, if the big leg bruise that came as a set with my bike spill today isn’t too bad, I will try and do some more hiking either tomorrow or Sunday. What could be better than a day of serious calorie burning? Two days! Happy weekend all!


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Expert advice and medical attention

Yesterday I finally met with my trainer at her new place. I want to start seeing her in 2 weeks when my session block at 24 hr fitness is completed, plus I had some additional items I wanted to discuss with her – my overall exercise regiment and a solid stretching routine. We chatted for almost an hour, got caught up, talked about my goals, and she will do some research before we get together to go over a plan of attack for my fitness goals and specific routines to work on at her training space.

I’ve mentioned that in the past several weeks I’ve been having some issues with a very sore muscle in my hip (periformis?), which hurts every time I do a long run, and which lasts for several days, making it challenging to just walk, let alone exercise or do additional running. It’s driving me crazy! Multiple days of rest is not getting rid of the issue. I’m trying to do more stretching before and after, but I know I could use more time and experience of what stretches to do. I also started trying to use the foam roller and see if that helps, but it hasn’t fixed it yet. I’ve been at wit’s end how to get past this problem!!

I also called a massage therapist I had seen 2 years ago after a car accident. She was amazing and really helped me improve my mobility and flexibility after I had a lot of soft-tissue damage (I was a wreck). She specializes in myofascial work. Since I’ve been frustrated with a lack of recovery or improvement, I gave her a call yesterday. I don’t often seek medical attention, but this time I thought it was warranted. I’m glad I did! We talked, and she not only knows what the muscle is, but what she can do to loosen up some problem areas I’ve been having (all of which have been happening with my push to run more). She said she can also give me some exercises specifically for it. Great! Now I’m just waiting to find out if my insurance covers it before I make some appointments – she’s very expensive, but very very good.

So yesterday I set into motion a lot of things to help me step up and get to the next level of fitness training. In order to exercise more than 60 minutes 5-6 times per day (my goal is 90 minutes per day), I need to make sure I am properly stretching and in good physical shape. Hopefully I’ll get fixed up and ready to meet my goals. Being too sore to work out is going to get me where I need to go.

Dietmaven out.

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Oh no! My first injury?

In the past week, I have had recurring pain in a muscle on the left side of my hip. It all started that night I ran my furthest to date (6.5 miles in 90 minutes). The musle started to hurt the last 15 minutes, but it wasn’t severe enough for me to stop. I pushed through the discomfort, knowing I’d be hurting the next day, but not thinking it would be anything to worry about.

Since then, I’ve had this pain regularly. It’s on the very side of my hip, and in the thick muscle over the hip joint (so not the IT band, not the groin, and not the glutes). The muscle is just plain aggravated. I’ll take a day off (from running), and the next day it will be ok. So I’ll then run and it start to hurt after. I’ve been on this schedule for the past week, running every other day, and having the muscle be sore every day after. I’ve never had this problem before, because I’ve never run this much or this consistently before.

Last night I got some good news. I had my weekly session with my trainer and she helped me figure out that it was my (and forgive me as I have no idea how to spell this) pera forma muscle, which is deep, and not a surface muscle. The pain I’ve been feeling is caused by overuse, specifically running, tightness, and lack of flexibility. All of these describe me 100%! I run a lot, am very inflexible, and do not stretch nearly enough.

And even better, all I have to do is stretch consistently, before and after, and this should go away. I now have 3 stretches she showed me how to do, all of which are straightforward, and definitely gave some immediate relief after doing them. I’m very excited that this isn’t a severe injury. It’s just an indication that in order to push and continue growing as a runner, which I like to think of myself as becoming, I just have to plan better, and take better care to do this activity safely.

So the plan is today, take the night off, catch up on person things, and stretch. Tomorrow I hope to do a solid hour+ run, with lots of stretching before and after!


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