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One month in…

Starting weight on June 22: 232 lbs
Current weight: 219 lbs

So in 31 days, I have lost 13 lbs. A big loss the first week, then a consistent loss 2 lbs per week. I’m very pleased!

I’ve noticed that fatty foods (the one day I had a cheeseburger after a 6 hour hike) still give me heartburn, but that I’m feeling really good when I eat quality foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, limited fats, complex carbs (quinoa, wasa rye crackers, etc), lean proteins (salmon, pork loin, chicken without skin). I have severely limited my alcohol consumption too (I’m trying to avoid drinking calories).

I’m noticing a few other things – drinking lots of water really does help with weight loss. The days I drink a lot (at least 8 glasses or more), I see a consistant change from day to day. The days I don’t drink sufficient amounts, I notice gains the next morning. Drinking also helps keep me full. If I don’t drink the morning at work, I become ravenously hungry and have difficulty sticking to my food during the day. I also have noticed that I absolutely *must* eat dinner at about 6 pm. I am just too hungry to deal with delaying my hunger any longer. Before Diet I would eat at 8 pm or as late as 10:30 pm! To be able to eat that late, I would have to have a snack (not low calorie, I assure you) after work, and then I’d overeat, and go to bed full, and wake up full. That whole process was broken, but it was the lifestyle I had with multiple previous boyfriends (to do activities after work, and eat super late). That won’t work for me any longer.

I’m looking forward to getting into the 100s – I am looking for a suitable reward for making it. I’ve never rewarded myself before for weight loss, but this seems like a significant milestone. I’ve only been below 200 lbs once in my adult lifetime – after a 2-month trip to India, Nepal, and Tibet (in which I was so revolted by the smells and food in Tibet that I lost my appetite, stopped eating,¬†and lost a lot of weight). I remember getting down to 175 by the end of that trip (which did include quite a bit of serious hiking/exercising), but of course, didn’t do anything to keep it off when I returned to the US, and started eating “regular” food again, in large quantities, and in higher-fat and higher-calories than I needed.

Last night I also added in some at home exercises. I started doing planks and some crunches (a pathetic amount since it was my first time), which I will continue to add more in as I get used to them. I also did some of the physical therapy exercises I learned 9 months ago after some issues came up with overtraining some mucles and learning I had some week muscles that started causing some serious pain because of bigger muscles overcompensating for the weak muscles.

I’ve found that really brisk walking burns almost no calories for me. It just doesn’t raise my heartrate enough. If I walk at a 4.0 or faster on the flat, my heart rate gets to about 107 – 113 and I burn like 220 calories an hour (not very much!). Luckily, I do have some serious hills right by my house, so I can take some routes that burn more like 350 calories an hour by doing hiking/hill climbs (where my heart rate gets up to 145 uphill). I have to make myself get out and do that in the evenings, several times a week. Adding to a big hike every weekend (of 2300+ calories burned), that seems to be an ok level of exercise for me right now.

Here’s to the next 13 lbs!

dietmaven out.


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Health changes since I cleaned up my diet

I’ve only been on this journey for 3 weeks, but there have already been some changes:

I no longer have heart burn. I was going through 3-5 regular strength tums a day. I would put a few in my pocket every day, to ensure I wasn’t ever caught somewhere with acid reflux. I blame: coffee, alcohol, & fatty unhealthy foods, none of which I’m eating right now. I had it periodically the first week and a half, but it’s been a while since I had any discomfort. It’s nice not having to freak out about not having a pill on me, at my desk at work, in my shoulder bag, in my bike carry compartment, in my car dashboard….

I haven’t had a nosebleed in weeks. I think it’s due to not blowing my nose as much. I have had constantly dripping sinuses, for the last few years actually. I would have to have tissues around me everywhere. I rarely use them anymore, now that I think about it. I wonder if it’s the lack of cheese & milk (which I would put in coffee or cook with). I know I am lactose intollerant – it makes me mucousy. Well, since I was blowing my nose constantly all day every day, every so often (like at least once a week), I would get a nosebleed. Just a little, and usually in only one nostril. But it started to be pretty common. I haven’t had it in 3 weeks. Yeah.

My coworker bff has told me my skin looks a lot better. More glowey and stuff. Hmm. I don’t see it quite yet, myself, but she knows things like that, so it must be true.

My clothes fit better, and I feel physically better, lighter and more energetic. I’m sure I’ll notice more things, but these are the obvious ones for now.

If you’re eating cleaner, or with less unhealthy stuff in your diet, what do you notice?

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Posted by on August 11, 2012 in Health improvements