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Saturday road trip & good choices

Since my last post, about my last workout on Thursday, I have not been able to exercise. Friday I was so sore I could barely walk (which means I should be doing more lunges more regularly so they don’t continue to do this to me!). Plus I ended up spending all my free time after work with 3 hours (!!!!) at the thrift store trying on clothes. Way more than I thought I’d spend. I was ok not working out, I could barely move!

Saturday was a long day. We got upat 6, left the house at 7, and I was too tired to really spend any thought or energy on food preparation for the day. Instead, I started out like I always used to do – I got up, and left the house without eating or drinking anything, just perfect for becoming hungry and blowing any good eating decisions out of the water. We stopped to get coffee, and I got a grande mocha (-1 pump of chocolate), no whip, from Starbucks. My coffee drinking is still an area I need to work on. I also thought about what food to eat. I got a slice of pumpkin bread. I should have gone with the egg white sandwhich wrap, probably the best option for nutrition vs. calories, but didn’t. I was second guessing my choices the whole time. I knew the wrap would be the better choice, but I was scared off by the egg white part of it. I have never gotten egg whites intead of regular whole eggs, I don’t even know if I’d like them or not! So rather than take a chance, I got something higher-calorie without a lot of nutrition, because I knew if was “safe” to eat. Then on the road I got super hungry. When we got to Wenachee I was ready to blow it. Somehow we ended up at Subway instead of a diner, and I got a healthy black forest ham sub, no chips, no soda, just water. I ate half, and left half of it for later. Very good!

It was a fun day, though still difficult to move, I was easily the most stiff possible so far. I ended up consuming the other half of the subway footlong, along with a fresh picked nectarine (love the fruit stands in Wenatchee, the fruit growing breadbasket of Washington state). After several hours of shooting in the hot sun and desolate farm country, we headed back very late. We were both very very thirsty! And as always, I bemoaned the fact that there is no sparkling water to be had at convenience stores. Why not?! Anyway, I wanted carbonation in a bad way and found a solution! I got a 32-oz drink, TONS of ice, and mixed half unsweetened ice tea with 7-up. Just enough carbonation to feed my need, and much less sugar than normal. I unfortunately devoured half a bag of Smart Food popcorn, that will always be my downfall, junk food on a road trip.

For dinner I again made good choices. I went for lots of vegetables, and a small piece of steak over cream-based pasta sauces. I even left a good portion for leftovers, eating enough to be satisfied, without becoming sick from overeating (another positive change on this journey). And the salad was very good, though because their balsalmic dressing had so much sugar in it, I almost didn’t even eat any of it (the dressing that is, I love me some salad, as long as it isn’t icky iceberg)!

Overall, not the best eating I’ve ever done, but it has improved significantly from times past. I’m choosing better options when a menu is presented to me, and even choosing to avoid places and items that are very high in nutrtionally-poor calories.

Today I’m continuing my obsessive readings of an awesome blog, The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser, starting at the end, of a man over 500 lbs that has lost weight through 1500 per day calorie consumption and daily exercise.He has such an amazingly positive attitude and I’m finding his story very inspiring! As I recently mentioned, my eating is not the best (ie, it’s too much eating!), and my exercise is good, but not top notch. I’m working on improving the food quality, and planning my exercise for the day. I’m still really sore, but I can move. I may do a loop walk from my house, 4.5 miles, 1.75 hours and lots of hills. Even if I don’t, I will go to the gym tonight and do an hour of cardio, possibly more, if I’m up to it. I also just made a decision in the past 2 days that I WILL exercise at the gym and on my own 6 days a week, without fail. I need to start walking more when I’m home and be active every evening. I have mentally committed to working out longer, and more consistently. I can’t just do it for a week and take 4 days off then try again. I have to amp up my exercise, regularly, or I won’t achieve any improvements, nor lose weight. I am also going to start making better choices with my evening and weekend eating choices, which is where I have been falling short.

I’m committed to this journey, I am on the journey, and I’m recommitting to achieving it by stepping up everything. No more maintenance mode. On to weight loss! I can do better than 17 pounds in 8 months. Watch me!

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Over indulging and weight loss status

I’ve been eating a little less awesome this week. I went out to lunch with a coworker friend and had a route 66 inspired hash with sweet potato and chorizo sausage. Salad and fruit of course, instead of the included fry bread, but it was a little on the oily side (but man oh man was it incredibly fabulous). The restaurant uses pretty good quality ingredients and cooks mostly from scratch, so it was a high calorie meal with 2 poached eggs on top, but nothing like an outback bloomin’ onion!

I’d rather eat the occasional non low-calorie meal and keep working out hard. Maybe that mentality is a problem, we shall see.

Last night I couldn’t stop eating this incredibly large and scrumptious sirloin steak I cooked. It was extra thick, which means it was extra nice after cooking (red all the way through and not overcooked). Funny, I used to be vegetarian and vegan for 8 years, and while I *loooove* tofu and vegetables (and dislike a lot of beans), I absolutely love love love steak. I think it’s one of my top 10 foods. Luckily i only eat it about once every other week. So I couldn’t stop myself from finishing off the steak, which was realistically 2 good sized servings! It had this awesome sear from the cast iron skillet, and beautiful himalayan salt crystals and fresh black pepper on it.

I bet you’re reading this and thinking, oh well, you’ll do better next week. It was only a minor glitch and only 2 occasions. Well guess what? I STILL lost weight this week! I had a large meal earlier inthe week too, thought I’d weight a day or two before weighing in at the gym, to allow it time to settle and clear out of my system. I weighed-in at 216! But the scale uses the balance bar with the weights, so I feel like it’s not always super accurate. I waited until last night and tried again, to make sure and It was a little UNDER 216, so I am officially still losing weight!!! Yes!

I am making decent choices and planning, and eating mostly from scratch all the time. My food is quality items, cooked in olive oil with almost no sugar or butter. I still overindulge when it comes time for dinner, and have challenges eating out (which is why I don’t really want to!). I don’t believe I have any kind of eating disorder, but I do really like my food and really enjoy it when I eat it. I think about food an awful lot and I greatly look forward to eating, but when I do eat, I don’t feel it’s unhealthy. I really love my cats and think about them all the time. DOes that make me unhealthy? I think some people really like to eat, and I am unfortunately one of them. I’ll just have to keep fighting hte good fight, of eating controlling how much butter, sour cream, heavy cream, sugar, white flour, whipped cream, and hte like I consume. If I can stick to plain fruits and veggies, steamed veggies with no butter, minimal amounts of red meat, more fish and chicken, then I will be doing ok.  Oh, and more FOOD and less dessert, too.

Well, still successful, and will work harder this coming week on the ingredients I use in dinner!


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Oh no! The dreaded weekend!

I love the blogosphere! Thank you all for your support and comments, they really do help and keep me motivated. We’re all in this together, and it’s much appreciated!

It’s Friday, and my carefully planned daily schedule is about to fall apart – the weekend is here! I’m still really dreading the whole hanging around the house for hours and hours during prime-time hunger time. All that delicious food within reach! Butter! Olive oil! Big blocks of cheddar cheese! And the bottle of tequila I got as a gift will be calling my name…

Well, while reading one of my all time absolutely favorite blogs in the entire world, foodgawker, I came across this yummy breakfast. I think I may make this tomorrow! I don’t have grits, but I have polenta (are they the same thing?). I have eggs, I have 15 grapefruits (thanks to a big sale at Safeway). I have an avocado. I think this will be my big splurge of tomorrow, cooking this for breakfast:

What do you do to rein-in temptation on the weekend?

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Recap: the past few days

Well, I think I have finally turned the corner on cold #2. Yesterday I still didn’t feel up for the gym, so that was 3 days in a row with no exercise. I’d been coughing a lot, so my throat was raw, and I didn’t want to start huffing and puffing and then have a huge coughing/phlegm errupting attack in public. You can thank me for that!

Today I absolutely *had* to go though – I had my intro powerpump class and I needed to do it (after all, I did sign up for it, right?). Well, I made it through almost the entire class! I didn’t do nearly as poorly as I thought I might. I’m definitely week, and need some serious improvement, but overall I did ok. Only had to stop and blow my nose 3 times. However, I hadn’t done abs yet. I told my boyfriend, J, that I would start in a week, and today was it. We did some ab work and near the end my stomach muscles freaked out, pulled/spasmed, and I had to stretch out and tough it out. I couldn’t get up from the floor for several minutes! Ok, so that was embarassing, but no big deal. I’m one of the larger people in the class, and it’s expected that the fat girl can’t make it all the way through. My pride can take it, for now. My muscles are shaky and sore and I’m so glad I went. They have them twice a week. I should be able to make at least 1, possibly both (if work allows).

And tonight they have iron chef on at 7 pm, so J and I will be going back for at least 1 hour of cardio. I can’t believe it – tv is making me go to the gym. Or rather, NOT having tv is making me go to the gym. Either way, I’ll take it. It’s one of our absolutely favorite shows. We are both avid cooks. He used to chef, and I have taught cooking classes (vegan! back when I was not eating meat and dairy). We are both avid cooks, so we love this show, it is so innovative and fast, and crazy, with all the cooking tech, the crazy chairman, and the wierd ingredients, and the 5 course meals!

Food: I’ve been sticking relatively well to my improved diet. Yesterday, I had a foray to the mall, and was going to be out for a chunk of the day, so I was worried. I had a big breakfast with a blueberry/yogurt/soymilk smoothie and an english muffin. However, I spent the entire day *starving* – have you ever had those? Where you try and eat well, but everything you eat is not quite enough, and after a while you just can’t stand it anymore? I tried to have good snacks, but I kept getting hungry. I tried to find the lowest calorie item to eat, and ended up having a non-fat small frozen yogurt with strawberries. According to their nutrition info, it should only ahve been about 125 calories total. It was luscious and helped, a lot. I kept wanting to snack during the afternoon, too! A few crackers with cheddar. A small salad with oil/balsalmic dressing. A hunk of baguette with jarlsberg cheese, grilled. But by dinner, I couldn’t stand it, so I probably ate way more than I should have, but it was relatively within bounds: I roasted a chicken, had a breast (with the skin, I know, I  know…), and a big helping of roasted veggies (with olive oil, but not a huge amount), quinoa, and a pan sauce with drippings, shallot, chix stock, and lemon, over the quinoa. Maybe only 500 calories extra, I hope. I’m not quite counting calories yet, so I’m not 100% sure.

We went shopping Friday night and planned out a few dinners this week:
2 salad dinners with either pan-sauteed shrimp and some other meat (maybe ling-lings)
Vietnamese bun (rice noodle bowl with fresh carrot, lettuce, cukes, peanuts, left-over roasted chicken or grilled tofu
Pork loin cutlets with steamed broccoli and something else (polenta?)

Breakfasts will probably start being blueberry smoothies as I’m out of english muffins now. I also bought a serious quantity of red grapefruit from safeway ($.59 each!!!!), so I’ll be making fresh grapefruit/orange jucie (with the orange in it, it won’t be too bitter to drink alone). I may have this in the evening for a pick-me-up. I’m also going to be making a trip to a different market – they have my favorite bars on sale for $1/each – cliff mojo bars! I may pick up like 30 if I can.

Lunches this week, I may need to go buy more sandwhich meat. I think I am going to make a soup tonight, something veggie with garbanzos in it, which reminds me, I better go soak them now!


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