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A weekend of extra long workouts and lots of cooking!

John wanted to go to 10:30 am yoga this morning, so I (very!) reluctantly got ready to go. I was kinda planning on not going in so early, as I absolutely NEVER work out in the morning. I like it in the evening much better. So off we went, and I knew that I’d be there an hour an a half, an hour for his yoga, and an extra half because he wanted to do weights afterwards. I hopped on the treadmill and did a mishmash of running, walking, and hill climbing, finishing with a 20 minute fast (-er than usual)¬†run (4.7 -4.9 speed) at the end. 610 calories. Cool. But by the end, I felt energized and thought I’d try and do the powerpump class Sunday morning at 9:30 (tomorrow), so didn’t want to do weights 2 days in a row. I elected to keep running/walking. I thought I’d just walk to do something, but felt so good that I decided to do a whole bunch of fast sprints. So I walked then ran, fast, for 1-2 minutes each. Total calorie burn? 900! My shirt was drenched, my face was beet red, and I was dripping all over the gym floor.

And later, going shopping for our big cooking extravaganza day, I really felt the tiredness in my leg muscles. This is the first extra long workout I’ve had since starting up. 90 minutes of hard cardio. I really sweat my ass off, too, but it has to be good to push your body if you physically can. I bet it has gotten used to 60 minutes of cardio at a time, so I probably shocked the heck out of it today!

Now we’re doing a big cooking splurgy day. I am making my lamb shanks with french lentils, which is luscious and delectable and will last for days. Takes 4 hours to cook, and has beer in the broth, for extra yummy flavor. It will be mostly lentils with a small bit of lamb on top. I’ll be soaking my garbanzos and cooking up a batch of hummus tomorrow, but I’m going to prep some quick pickled red onions to go with it today. I have all the other ingredients to make a scrumptious meal of pita, hummus, cucumber, crumbled feta, kalamata olives, and pickled red onions. It should be nice to eat during the week too.

John is doing his part, too. We made heirloom orange marmalade this week, and he wants to have fresh scones with it, so he’s going to make them up this evening, along with a lime drizzle cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. Not diet food, that’s for sure! I’m going to have to whip him into good diet shape! Cakes every other week is NOT dietmaven approved! Well, I will have my slice tonight, or tomorrow, whenever he gets to it. And I will definitely¬† have a scone with marmalade after I return from a hardcore workout! And lest you think I’m f’ing up with all the eating (which is really not horribly bad, if I keep it in moderation), I’ll be having another double workout tomorrow, since I will either do a weight class in the morning OR go snowshoeing, plus still go to the gym at 7 pm for Iron Chef and an hour of cardio in the evening!

I’m debating whether or not I will go for an evening walk. I’m mega-tired, but after reading how much food I have planned this weekend, I better get my but in gear and do it!

Stay healthy all!

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Posted by on February 19, 2011 in Cooking, Gym