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Epic weekend

This was a great weekend – 2 days of major exercise. Saturday spent all day on a hike to Surpise Lake. Left home at 6:50 am, got home at 9:30 pm. Had a great time meeting a bunch of hikers on a meetup hike, had a relaxing hour at the lake (blessedly bug free), went for a swim (brr!), and at the end, went out for dinner as a group. Did the best I could – had a Cobb salad with very little dressing, and drank water. I am not at all concerned about the bacon or blue cheese on it, I ate all of it, yum. And so tired! 2300 calories burned!

Before the weekend was even begun, I had made plans to go for a bike ride on Sunday. Convinced my bff to do both with me. We started in North Seattle at her house, joined up the Burke Gilman Trail, went around the top of Lake Washington to the eastside and contined on the Sammamish River Trail to Marymore Park. Round trip: 40 miles in 4 hours (not including breaks)!!!! 1500 calories burned!

While nothing was hurting, I was generally sore and fatigued. Had to take a nap at 6 pm, too tired to do anything else. Woke up, went on the internet for a few hours, and back to bed!!!

The biggest thing I struggle with is eating during these activities. How to balance eating to provide sufficient energy during activities, yet still stick to a calorie-deficient diet? I’m trying to eat as I normally do, and just have a lot more snacks, spaced out. Rather than eating meals, I’ll have parts of food a lot more often.

First thing in the morning: normal breakfast – Cheerios and soymilk with fruit
Half hour before starting a hike: Kashi or other bar or maybe a serving of fruit
1 -2 hours into the activity: Snack #1 (a bar or fruit or nuts)
3-4 hours in: Lunch – a small sandwich with protein, lettuce, mayo or avocado, bread of some kind
5-6 hours in: Snack #2 – see snack #1 above

Biking is more challenging. I don’t wear a backpack, and my carry case on my bike is precious tiny. It fits a tire, emergency inflation, my wallet, my phone, 1-2 bar/energy snacks, lip balm and keys. That’s it. Hard to bring lunch with me, so I have to just pace out my eating to multiple small snacks. So far so good, but I’m extra ravenous at the end!

Of course, during this all, I try and drink 4 oz of water about every 20-30 minutes. I notice this isn’t enough. If you don’t have the urge to pee, you’re not drinking enough! I’m trying, I bring 2 liters of water every hike and seem to drink about the same on bike rides (luckily there are plenty of water fountains along bike trails), but I’m going to start bringing 3 liters on hikes. Plus, don’t forget the water for after the event is over. Drink up! Drink plenty! Hydrate!

So far it’s working pretty well for me. Dinner is all about recovery. I often find I’m starving, but fill up quickly. I don’t know what it is, but after intense exercise, I often am not that interested in food. Rest yes, big calorie-loaded dinner, no. It’s the silver lining to spending half or more than a day in any single physical activity.

So what did you do this weekend?


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Baseline Daily Calorie Burn

It’s official. I burn 2150 calories per day when I’m completely sedentary.

It’s good to know the baseline. So 1500 calories in per day will definitely provide weight loss, even without exercise. Booyah.

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Polar Heart Monitor & setting a baseline

I got a polar heart rate monitor, the FT7, a week ago. I wanted to get an accurate idea of what kinds of calories I burn when I do my weekend warrior routine. Sorry runtastic app, I’m not sure I trust you, plus I don’t want to completely drain my cellphone battery running your little app for 6 hours on a hike. So I got it and I’ve been having fun figuring out how much I burn.

4.5 hour cycle ride (41 miles) = 2150
1 hour brisk walk = 250 calories (it was supposed to be like 430 according to online calculators for my speed/weight/height; I wonder if my bruise was keeping me slow and I didn’t realize it, or if I’m fit enough that a completely flat walk on pavement doesn’t burn very much?)

Today, I’m running an experiment. You know all those online calculators you can use to determine the number of calories you need to eat to maintain your weight? Well, I’m trying it out myself. Today I put on the monitor at 7:30 am, right after a shower. I’ll wear it all day, all night. Tomorrow I’ll check and see how many calories I burned in a day. Just for experiment’s sake, I may or may not go for a walk – I do want to get a baseline, “regular” non-active day as a guide.

I have found out that so far, my resting heartrate (sitting in the car) is between 60-62. My getting up and moving around lightly, getting lunch together at home is about 85. As of right now, 2.25 hours in, I’ve burned 220 calories. Can’t wait to see how I do in a day, plus how much I burn sleeping!

dietmaven out.

Update: 7:30 am – 10:30 am: 1464 calories
Still left to gather: 10:30 – 7:30 am (including my 8 hours of sleeping)
Guestimated total: I’m thinking it will be around 2100-2200 total for the day


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