About dietmaven

G’ah, writing about yourself sucks. How do you explain your motivations, drives, and inner demons? How do you explain your daily existance and all the mistakes that made you end up where you’re at (well, for me anyway, I don’t know about you).

I’ll start with the blindingly obvious. I’m overweight. Like a whole bunch. Like at least 75 lbs worth. I’m starting at 225 lbs . It’s not end of the world weight, but I hate it. I may not be in imminent danger of dying from weight-based complications, but I’m on my way. My mom has hypoglycemia. That’s hereditarily a pre-cursor to diabetes. I’ve always known that if I don’t do something I’ll probably get diabetes. I have heartburn all the time. I huff and puff up the stairs. I snore more than I used to and I’d like to have more choices when buying clothes. In other words, I’m tired of being fat and I’m done with the excuses!!!

After several months of gearing up for it (I’m a champion procrastinator), I finally bit the bullet and started going to the gym. I got my boyfriend involved, too. We’re making food changes, buying healthful foods and planning our dinners for the week. I’m bringing food for lunch every day at work. I’m determined *this* time I won’t crap out after a few  months, but go the distance and lose all the weight. This time.

Starting weight: 225 lbs
Starting date: January 1, 2011

Goal weight: 150 lbs
Goal date: whenever, probably sometime in 2013.

My exercise plan? Work out at least 5 times per week at the gym. At least every other weekend, go hiking or snowshoeing in the mountains, year round. I plan on doing a ton of cardio mixed in with 2-3 times weekly strength training (which I love!). I may try and do some classes to mix it up, too.

Some non-weight details about me: I’m 38, female, and live in Seattle. I work in the arts, have a boyfriend and 2 orange cats that rule my life (see Robin & Finchy). I’m a science fiction book junkie. I don’t watch tv and I have a fine art degree in photography, for all the financial good that’ll do me. I’ve travelled a bunch to Europe and Asia and can’t wait to go see the French Alps and do a scotch tour in Scotland. My favorite foods are strawberries, good bread & cheese, sushi, potatoes in any incarnation, and onions. I love putting nutritinal yeast on bread, salad and popcorn (YUM!). I’m also working my way out of $45,000 in debt, which I’m doing over at my other blog, debtmaven.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you want to go hiking sometime, drop me a line at dietmaven @


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