Since I started…

18 Aug

Days I’ve been on this journey: 28
Boxes of Cheerios: 2
Cartons of Soymilk: 3
Change in pant size: 18 to 16
Starting weight: 232
Current weight: 220
Weight loss to date: 12 lbs
Things bought since starting: $90 Polar Heart Rate Monitor, $110 biking shorts, $40 bike rack (includes installation), $35 scale
Number of times I’ve eaten out: 1
Number of times I’ve not brough lunch to work: 3
Places I’ve eaten at work when I haven’t brought lunch: Subway
Pieces of candy/chocolate I’ve eaten at work: 1 (it was mostly nuts, not *that* much caramel)
Number of donuts &/or cupcakes I’ve eaten at work: 0 (notice I didn’t mention apple pie?)
Number of opportunities to eat donuts &/or cupcakes at work: 4
(Ok fine!) Number of times I’ve eaten apple pie at work: 0.5 (it was a SMALL piece)
Accidents: 1
Times I’ve eaten pizza: 1 (it was a work party ,I budgetted & only ate 2 slices)
Times I’ve eaten popcorn for dessert: too many to count
TImes I’ve eaten butter on said popcorn: 1
Number of sodas I’ve drank: 1 can of gingerale (I was weak – it was HOT!)
Number of staircases I’ve found in my neighborhood to go walk up and down: 3 (2 over 100 stairs!)

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