Heat. Cranky. Weekend plans.

17 Aug

I live in the northwest because it has a temperate climate. I don’t mind the lengthy overcast winters. Heck, I don’t even mind the rain. But when it gets over 80 degrees in the summer, I get cranky and uncomfortable. Yesterday and today we’re having an “extreme heat advisory” and it’s getting up to 94 today. That’s not really all that bad – especially when you consider these are really the first times we’re getting hot days this year. However, I hate them, truly I do! And I work in the loft in a warehouse that does not have AC. It’s brutal by afternoon. I’m already sweating and unhappy and it’s not even 2 pm.

I doubt I’ll have a repeat of last weekend great physical activities. I am planning a hike on Sunday (Lake Bianca) which is 7.5 miles and has 3300′ of elevation gain. Steep in a short package. But it is supposedly a beautiful glacier blue tarn. We will see. Saturday? I have no plans. I am planning an evening picnic with a friend along the waterfront (walking distance from my house, oh how lovely), which we will probably do by bike and skateboard. Trying to figure out what to make that I can strap to my bike rack or put in a backpack. I’m thinking shrimp ceviche and maybe a flank steak over salad, or maybe my quinoa feta salad as a side. I’m giving myself a pass that night on calories – I’ll have a nice meal, a bottle of wine, and some good food. Whether or not I get any physical activity is another story.

Doing ok on the food front. I’m noticing I have a hard time eating within my calorie limitations when I get less than 8 hours. Also, I drink less when it’s hot (I am less inclined to want to make hot tea). Oh well, should cool down soon.

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