Weight Fluctuations – Fascinating!

14 Aug

The human body is an amazing thing. I’m really fascinated by how much it works. I’m having fun with my new electronic scale. I’m seeing how my weight changes from morning to evening (a 2-3 lb gain over the course of the day, usually). I’m seeing how drinking a pot of tea has no impact on my weight (not even by .2 lb!). Bowel movements (sorry, this may be TMI) don’t seem to have any impact on weight changes either! But yesterday I was really surprised.

I had an intense weekend of activity, burned 3800 calories, was outside a lot, probably needed to hydrate more, but tried my best to drink LOTs. Yesterday was a regular day. I had work, errands, and unfortunately forgot to eat my late afternoon snack. By the time I got hime, I was ravenous, always a danger. I got a bigger dinner than I should have, but it was still within my calories for the day. I drank 7 glasses of water during the day, not bad for me. I was up a few pounds by evening, according to the scale (as I expected). And this morning???

This morning I showed a 6 lb gain from yesterday morning. I increased my weight between before bed and after I woke up. That’s never happened before. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, I’m not concerned. I ate as I’m supposed to, maybe a little heavier in the evening, but still within acceptable limits. I wonder if my body is a sponge slurping up all the food/energy/water it can to make up for this weekend? That’s all I can guess at. I’m sure it’ll go back to normal amounts in a day or two. But it’s so wierd in the interrim.


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