Weight loss status (hint: it’s good) & being social

10 Aug

I hit 10 lb weight loss today! Current weight: 222.2 lbs.

Had a great day yesterday. Met up with a girlfriend for dinner, movie, and an evening walk. Dinner? Very low calories: shrimp, green beans, and cucumber/tomato salad – it’s great to have someone that eats the same types of food as me (ie, not pizza or a huge meal out).

Movie was awesome – the remake of Total Recall. Yum. And I can’t believe it, but we had NO SNACKS! I can’t conceive of going to the movies without a big tub of popcorn. I’m impressed. You should be too. After, we did a route around greenlake, which is a 2.75 mile loop around a lake. It was 9:30, it was dark, but it was balmy and awesome. We got to catch up and exercise for 45 minutes. Late night, I’m a little tired but good. I’ve only been doing brisk walks on flat this week, and I’m ok with that. I still have a ginormous leg bruise (the size of a salad plate on my leg) and can’t handle hard bouncing from my biking accident. I’m just consistently doing an hour or so brisk walk the last few days.

Ate too few calories – 1050, so will make sure I start adding back in nuts and yogurt again for my snacks. I need more protein consistently in my meals/snacks. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve been eating a lot less than 1500 calories consistently the last few days, and I need to be careful to eat enough. WTF?

Anyway, a nice casaual Friday at work, followed by food shopping. Hiking tomorrow, and biking Sunday. Go put on your weekend warrior!

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