Things I didn’t do

10 Aug

Did not eat out of the work candy bowl. I spent a long time staring into the source of all things yummy and chocolate: kit kats, reeses pnut butter cups, toffee chocolate, and hersheys bars. But I resisted. As I do every day at work.

When asked if I wanted in on the pizza for lunch, I sadly said no thanks and promptly went to microwave my vegetable soup. That while tasty, was starting to wear on me after eating it all week.

I did not buy the prosciutto I was secretly longing for and kinda subconsciously planning on getting at the market. Instead I got a ton of fruits and veggies, salmon, roast beef for weekend sandwiches, low carb tortillas (the best option for making a low-cal sandwich I could find, not too bad), and light soymilk. I also did not get the Weight Watchers ice cream. I don’t think I’d find it satisfying, and I rarely want it anyway. So, I didn’t buy any dessert. I didn’t buy creamy fat cheese, and I didn’t get anything from the hot dish deli section or cold salad bar (which I used to do all the time Pre Diet when I was ravenous, before I had time to get home and prepare dinner).

I did not eat the entire plate of dinner I had prepared (the smallest piece of salmon I could find to buy was .5 lbs, so I made it and rationalized that I needed to eat lots of protein, since I’d been missing out lately). I realized I had had enough and left half of the ginormous baked potato (I had bought it because it was super sized – much larger than normal, so if I ate it, it could still be a “single medium” potato, right). I also did not eat the entire .5 lbs of salmon. I had had enough and left a portion for another day. I am proud. This is a major step for me. I could have eaten it, I’ve done that so many times in the past, but I stopped, really really listened to my body, and overruled my desire to eat it all because I wanted to, not because I was hungry, not because I had too few calories yesterday and could indulge, but because I was done. This is major.

I didn’t cheat on my calorie tracking on myplate. I was honest. It doesn’t help when you lie to yourself, now does it:

I did not go for a walk. It’s 9:40 and i still could, but I think I will prep for tomorrow’s early rising and hike, and just be ok with no exercise tonight.

Today had lots to do with don’ts. Tomorrow will all about dos.

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