Productive Day

08 Aug
  1. Bike fixed and back home; $18 for repair, ready to ride, and sportin’ fancy blue handlebar tape
  2. Made Saturday hiking plans with my BFF – group hike with new people, super early
  3. Made biking plans for Sunday – not sure yet where or when, but happening
  4. Got a new NW Forest Pass at REI (old one just expired).
  5. While in the REI parking lot, got free medical advice from the Medic One unit – they looked at my road rash and said it looked good, edges are clean, and the way I have it (open to the air and covered in neosporin so that it looks diseased and infected) is actually good. Yeah! I was worried. Thank you guys!!!
  6. The new tea I got, Red Zinger, is pretty good. I’ve already had 3 cups.
  7. The batch of soup I made is yummy. Filling but not fully satiating (it would need more substance/protein for that I think), but I’m still very physically full. I’m happy with how it turned out. Thinking of cauliflower…maybe beets in the next batch.

The day is good so far.

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