Bike update, dietmaven update

06 Aug

Well, seems my tumble affected me mostly and my bike hardly at all. Took it into the bike shop and they adjusted the brakes, the wheels and all I have to do is put new tape on the handlebars (about $20 including service). There’s a cosmetic issue with the top of the brakes (a silver metal patch is missing, and it may be an issue in rain, or not), but it’s not worth getting new brake handles over. They’ll just be dented…like me.

My road rash is killing me. I keep having to take pain killers. I’ve taken aleve twice a day since it happened.

But I can’t wait to get back on the bike, but have to wait ’til Weds to pick it up. My butt/seatbones are not sore at all, which confuses me. Today I will go for a walk or something. No more sedentary; I’ve spent enough time healing.

Update: 10-11 pm – 1 hour brisk walk (not sedentary – check)

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