Breaking it down: how I gained the weight

31 Jul

I love to analyze things. How did I manage to go from 208 lbs in September 2011 to 234 lbs in July 2012? I gained 26 pounds in basically 8 1/2 months. *HOW* did that happen? Well, it was like this:

1 lb = 3500 calories
26 lbs = 91,000 calories
91,000 calories / 8.5 months = 10,706 calories/months
10,706 calories/month / 31 days/month = 345 calories per day

Yes. I overate by 345 calories per day. That is how I gained so much weight in less than a year. That is was my normal morning coffee. That’s 3 pieces of chocolate out of the candy bowl in the office at work. Really. That’s it. That doesn’t seem so horrible. It’s also equal to 4-5 workouts at the gym per week (483-607 calories per workout).

Now that I’m calorie counting like a fiend, I thought I’d be brutally honest about what I previously ate, to see how it compared to now. I put in my typical meals, and let me tell you, it was very very realistic. Not including alcohol (of which I drank regular-like), and not counting exercise (for which I started doing weekly at the end of March, for about 900-2000 calories per weekend while being sedentary during the week), I was eating:

3312 calories a day

Holy crap that is high. So think about that! All I can think of is 91,000 calorie deficit needed to get back into my 208 fighting trim from September last year. Yeah, how long will that take me? If I lose 2 lbs a week, which is what I think I am on track to do (ignore my 6 lb loss this first week as beginner’s luck/an anomaly), it will take me 9 weeks, or about 2 to 2 1/2 months to get back to that weight. That’s the first week of October. That means I won’t be in the 100s (if I’m consistent, which hardly ever happens, not to be negative), until November – that’s after Halloween.

Yeah, I’ve got a long way to go. So give up that Starbucks habit if you want to lose some weight yourself. I’m going to go eat some cantaloupe now – all this talking about not eating is making me real hungry. Dietmaven out.

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