The Climb back onto the face of the earth

30 Jul

A blogger that stops posting on a weight loss blog…hmm, she probably fell off the wagon. Exactly! My last post was in September of 2011. I had overdone exercising, had some physical ailments, and started seeing a physical therapist. I stopped going to the gym for a while. I never really stopped eating my regular diet (I just fooled myself that I was doing ok) from when I started my journey at the beginning of 2011. Last year from January through August I focused on the exercise but not the diet. Little wonder that I only lost 15 pounds in 8 months. So when the rest of my life caught up to me and I stopped going to the gym, I fell off the face of the earth. But as of a week ago, on July 22, 2012, I’ve dug my claws back in and am pulling myself back up!

So what happened since I stopped blogging in 2011? I gained weight. 20+ lbs. In less than a year!! That shows that there is something intrinsically WRONG with my eating habits. You don’t gain 20 lbs in a year unless your eating is out of control. I stopped exercising. I was sedentary. I also broke up, moved, and had to rediscover myself. I fought changing for a long freakin’ time (let’s be real, what I really fought was giving up my unhealthy eating). I don’t even know what tipped me back into making a healthy change.

I’m obsessed with watching weight loss shows. I generally love the biggest loser, but the season is over. A friend got me into extreme makeover, weightloss edition. I’ve been watching episodes the last month or so to keep me motivated but somehow it never did anything but watch it while I was eating dinner. On the plus side, after a winter of being extremely inactive, I’ve been trying to become more fit. I started riding my bike regularly, and even bought a new road bike in April. I have been hiking, but not nearly to the degree I was the previous 2 years. I finally got past the huffing after climbing a flight of stairs, but I’m still not as strong or fit as I was last year. I’m still fat and slow going a mountain. I had to tighten my belt a little less – I’m actually at the largest, last hole and it was starting to get pretty tight. I started having to buy size 18 clothes, which I swore I would never do; I always told myself that I would never get larger than a size 16 ever. in my life. But I did. And something happened. 2 weeks ago I finally found the strength to stop drinking my highly-fat-sugar-calorie stuffed coffee and have been coffee free since. Then last weekend I just decided to start only eating 1500 calories. Somehow on that day I started. Right then, right there.

I finally decided to eat in a healthy, calorie-deficit manner, and stick to it. Finally. For the first time.

So here I am. 1 week into eating my new diet. I’ve survived. I’m hungry. A lot. I’ve made adjustments. A lot. And I’m focusing on the food first and foremost and the exercise secondarily. And ya know what? I’ve already gone from the highest weight I’ve ever been at: 232 lbs, down to 226 today. I’m sure that can’t be right in only 1 week, but I’m starting fresh. I bet it’s all from my big hike yesterday (6 hours, 11 miles, 3000 ft elevation gain), but I’ll take it.

Welcome back dietmaven. Good to see you again!

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