Expert advice and medical attention

08 Sep

Yesterday I finally met with my trainer at her new place. I want to start seeing her in 2 weeks when my session block at 24 hr fitness is completed, plus I had some additional items I wanted to discuss with her – my overall exercise regiment and a solid stretching routine. We chatted for almost an hour, got caught up, talked about my goals, and she will do some research before we get together to go over a plan of attack for my fitness goals and specific routines to work on at her training space.

I’ve mentioned that in the past several weeks I’ve been having some issues with a very sore muscle in my hip (periformis?), which hurts every time I do a long run, and which lasts for several days, making it challenging to just walk, let alone exercise or do additional running. It’s driving me crazy! Multiple days of rest is not getting rid of the issue. I’m trying to do more stretching before and after, but I know I could use more time and experience of what stretches to do. I also started trying to use the foam roller and see if that helps, but it hasn’t fixed it yet. I’ve been at wit’s end how to get past this problem!!

I also called a massage therapist I had seen 2 years ago after a car accident. She was amazing and really helped me improve my mobility and flexibility after I had a lot of soft-tissue damage (I was a wreck). She specializes in myofascial work. Since I’ve been frustrated with a lack of recovery or improvement, I gave her a call yesterday. I don’t often seek medical attention, but this time I thought it was warranted. I’m glad I did! We talked, and she not only knows what the muscle is, but what she can do to loosen up some problem areas I’ve been having (all of which have been happening with my push to run more). She said she can also give me some exercises specifically for it. Great! Now I’m just waiting to find out if my insurance covers it before I make some appointments – she’s very expensive, but very very good.

So yesterday I set into motion a lot of things to help me step up and get to the next level of fitness training. In order to exercise more than 60 minutes 5-6 times per day (my goal is 90 minutes per day), I need to make sure I am properly stretching and in good physical shape. Hopefully I’ll get fixed up and ready to meet my goals. Being too sore to work out is going to get me where I need to go.

Dietmaven out.

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