Help! Too sore to workout?

02 Sep

I did mega-lunges last night!!! I did so many sets of them, and so many repetitions that I can barely bend, or go up stairs. If I sit for a bit, then I am super stiff when I get up and have to hobble for a little while before the blood flow loosens up my muscles.

Now, I’m not complaining about the soreness. I’ve actually got a reason I’m bringing this up (and it’s not to whine!). This happens to me a lot. I push when I work out. When I do a trainer session, I push until I can’t do something anymore. Usually that results in super sore muscles. So here’s my conundrum.  If I did weights/resistance yesterday, and I’m supposed to take a day off before doing weights again (and I worked all the muscle groups, so I can’t switch to a different group of muscles), and I’m too sore to move easily, what should I do for exercise?!?!?

Seriously! I don’t know if it would be smart to run or not. I don’t want to just take the night off. I already did that Monday and I already have Saturday planned – photo safari to do some landscape photography in eastern Washington, from 6 am until 10 pm at least. No time for the gym tomorrow. So what do you recommend I do? What do *you* do when you are so sore you have trouble moving – do you take the day off? Just go for a long walk? Push it and do cardio that’s difficult to do at all?

I think right now, I may just go to the gym, and do a fast walk on the treadmill and watch the food network. I think Alton Brown is on at 7 for an hour. Hopefully it’s not a cupcake cookoff or something stupid! Either way, not a huge caloric burn, but at least it’s not sitting at home, cruisin’ the internet.


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