Trying new things

27 Aug


First time back since my big March failure! I’m happy to report that I was able to make it through the entire class. All those downward dogs were fine – plenty of ab strength to make it, along with the (forgive me, I forget the name of it) transition that is like a plank/push up thing to go down into a cobra position. We did those over and over and over (and over again).

I wore a tighter fitted shirt, so my belly was not flapping around all exposed either. However, the shirt did ride up a bit and I had to continualy tug it down. That is always annoying. I hate wondering if everyone is looking at me, even though I know they aren’t. I wonder if that’s why larger people don’t do yoga. You have to wear tight fitted clothes and only slim people look good in that type of clothing???

The thing I’m not sure I’ll overcome is the sweating. I’ve said this before – yoga is HARD! You really engage a lot of muscles. Sure it moves the body and you stretch and twist and breathe, but you also work and move and hold, slowly, and repeat, and repeat! I dripped so much sweat. The problem is, when your body is slick with sweat it makes it really hard to grab and hold a body part in a tenuous position (like a foot when it goes way off to the side or up in the air). And doing downward dog (an inverted V, hands and feet on the mat, butt up in the air), my hands kept sliding on the yoga mat – I had trouble maintaining the position and all I did was try and control my slip sliding after about 10 minutes into the class.

I know I sweat a ton, always have. I wondered if this is just my lot in yoga, or if it would get better as I get more in shape and used to the class, but then I noticed this super fit guy in front of me that had a sweat towel and there were drops of sweat on his mat, so now I don’t feel so bad. But if there’s no chance I will stop sweating, how do other people handle holding all the positions? I’m confused, maybe time will give me more answers.

The day after, I was ok. Definitely felt it, but not in any one muscle group, and not enough to stop me from general activities. My stomach doesn’t hurt, so obviously my core/abs are in a much improved state from March. I’ll go again. I felt a lot more limber/loose after, which is what my main goal is at this point. Not the meditative aspect, but the physical ones. I don’t stretch enough, I have limited flexibility, and this one class may be the best thing for that.

New Trainer

I just swapped to a new trainer – my old (and incredibly wonderful last one) was just fired for saying she’s opening her own gym, so she’s no longer there. I wasn’t too happy about having to get a new trainer for my remaining 3 sessions. But I switched over to a new trainer and had my first session last night. I’m not totally sold on her yet, but I will reserve judgement.

* New approach
* New exercises
* New routines

* We actually had DEAD TIME! We took a break between sets, and didn’t do anything while I rested. I really felt it was such a waste! What, no super sets with another activity? I don’t even have dead time when I work out on my own, unless I take a break to drink water!!!
* Doing 3 sets* (see below)
* Less charismatic/awkward

Ok, I have to give it some time, we are both new to each other, and I think she’s still new to this gym. I’m sure we’ll get more familair with each other, have something to relate to/talk about, and be less reserved.

In training with my old trainer, I was always sad we only did 2 sets of everything, but now, having done 3 sets last night, I see it allowed us to do a lot more different exericses. Plus it left me wanting to do more, and when I have tried doing the routines on my own, I do 3 sets. Doing 3 sets reduces the number of exercises  you can do, so maybe it’s not a good thing.

I talked the manager into getting my 3 remaining sessions turned into 4. After all, if I have to spend time talking and getting to know a new trainer, that will lose me training time. I guess he felt he owed me something to swap trainers this far along, because he readily agreed. So my 3 remaining sessions has become 4. Last night was the first and I have 3 weeks remaining.

Overall? Not impressed, but I’ll see where it goes. I am sure I will learn some different techniques and exercises. Even if I don’t love it, there are only 3 more sessions.

Afterwards? I very well may go to my old trainer’s new training gym (it’s in my neighborhood), and work with her. It won’t cost any more, and I can still go to my gym for the other stuff (classes, regular access to gym equipment).

Again about the changes in routine

I just posted last about how changes in routine are A  Bad Thingtm. I have to say I wasn’t talking about a new trainer when I wrote it (as I hadn’t had my session yet), but I will say I don’t like having a new one (as of yet). I feel uncertain and unmoored. But as I decided in May, when I rededicated myself to going to the gym after a brief hiatus – I’m doing this for the long haul. This is a lifestyle change. And regardless of who helps, it’s my journey that I have to do primarily by myself. Yes, I can rely partially on the expertise and focused attention of a personal trainer, but in the end, it’s my dedication the other 6 days of the week that really matter.

If the new trainer doesn’t work out, then I have to l need to look into alternatives. Taking more group classes, maybe going to classes at a different 24 hour gym (such as downtown, on the weekends). Maybe I need to formulate a workout routine before I go to the gym and research it on my own on the internet. Maybe I need to upgrade to a fancier gym and try other options for trainers/classes. There’s a lot I can do. I just have to stay focused and do it.

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