Threes…whew, it passed us by!

27 Aug

This isn’t fitness or health related, but I still wanted to write about it! A few days ago, a fire truck pulled up outside our house late at night. Our immediate neighbor to the left had a false alarm trip, but the cancel never made it to the fire department. Luckily no fire. Whew!

2 days ago, it was a very crazy and strange day. 2 of my coworkers were in accidents, one on a motorcycle, nothing broken, but scraped up to hell. The other rear ended a pregnant lady pretty hard and totalled her car. So she’s hurt, she ruined her car, and she’s horribly guilty for having hurt another person. Then at work, I came to find out that another coworker got in a fistfight with a previous employee (that I had fired a year go) the night before. Crazy all the way around!!! Ok, the world is insane, I thought to myself, and then when I got home, it was worse – my immediate neighbor on the other side had had their house broken into that afternoon. In broad daylight, right on the main road, they tried kicking in her door and then went through an open window. Fast, and fairly professional. Ugh!

Last night I told J that bad things come in threes. We dreaded what would come next. Well, today was number three and it was more scarey than both of the other events with our neighbors!!!!! We went downtown today and had fun strolling around the city. When we got near home, we found a whole bunch of fire trucks. Not just one, not just two, not just 5, a LOT. And on every street there were fire hoses. And then as we got closer and closer to our house the streets became blocked and impassable!!!! What the hell!? At this point J was freaking out, what was up, this was near or at our house, were our kittens ok?! We found out that there was a 2 alarm fire at a house 1 block away, directly across the street and over 1 block. Crazy scary. No one knows yet what happened, but the owners were not home, and unfortunately, they had pets. No further details are available.

So, while I’m glad that the bad things that come in threes have left us unscathed, I feel for the family that lost their pet family members and all their belongings, and their home (the house is burnt to the ground). My thoughts are with them. Be thankful you are alive and well tonight, everyone.

dietmaven out.

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