Week 22

15 Aug

Ok, my last recap was from week 8. Please ignore my absense from weeks 9 – 21 (a minor glitch, I assure you!). Anyway, on to the past week.

Exercise recap:
Did very well with my goal to step up all workouts. As of Weds, I bumped up my physical activity from 60 minutes to a minimum of 90. I think I can continue to do this, so will plan on 90+ minutes, going forward.

Food-wise, I continued to bring lunch every day. I am starting to get tired of the same foods, but they are sustaining me. Sometimes the boredom is making me not eat it, so I have more leftover than I otherwise have had. I have been indulging in popcorn a bit too often, however. I typically air-pop it, add olive oil, salt, peper, paprika, nutritional yeast, and parmesian cheese (fresh grated).

I was bad and bought a bottle of St. Germain. Add 1 part liquer to 3 parts sparkling water, and you get a tipsy dietmaven. But it’s oooh, so tasty. I have had 2 drinks this past week. Why oh why did I buy that bottle?!?

Mon 8/8: 1 hour weights: did my own hour long resistance training, based on previous PT training sessions. I have no idea how many calories are burned during weight training, but I did lots of super sets with very few breaks, for a full hour.

Tues 8/9: Step class: 1 hour cardio, probably about 500-600 calories burned.

Weds 8/10: 1 hour trainer session (all weights/resistance)

Thurs 8/11: Day off (as of NEXT week my regular Thursdays commitment will be ended, so I may try and do an additional work out then, or I may have this be my fun evening off, who knows)

Fri 8/12: 90 minutes cardio: Ran on the treadmill for 90 straight minutes, 6.5 miles, 900 calories burned. Whoo hoo! Furthest distance/longest run ever!

Sat 8/13: day off, super sore hip muscle, decided to let it heal and be a sloth at home for the day (and I more than made up for it the next day)

Sun 8/14: OMG 3.5 hours at the gym!!!! (1800 calories burned I think) – 1 hour Powerpump class, 30 minutes running, all starting at 9 am – if you knew me you’d give me a gold star for going so early! Went home and J asked if we were going to the gym at 7 pm to watch Iron Chef. Ok, I can handle an extra hour, it’ll be fun! So we went. And then iron chef wasn’t on (some stupid food truck race was). Grr. We were already there and stayed. Then half way through, they said Iron Chef was on in the next hour. WTF? Well, we decided to stay for 2 hours to watch it. I walked on a mid-incline and ran during commercial breaks. I didnt’ want to run the whole time due to my agrivatedly sore hip muscle. I left with blisters, sore feet, and wondered if I overdid it and really pulled the muscle or not. It was kinda like hiking, but shorter and without all the bugs (and think of all the gas I saved!)!

Estimated total calories burned: 4200*
Miles run/walked: 14 (approximately)
Days of activity: 5
Hours of activity: 8

* (estimating 1 hour of weights = 500 calories)

I’m happy to report that while I was pretty achey last night, I’m no worse for wear. I have a general fatique in all my muscles, particularly low back from the weight class, and leg muscles since they are much abused these days, but my hip is doing ok. I think tonight is going to be another night off, which I will use to recover, rest, and heal. Plus I’m stuck late at work (by an extra 2 hours), AND have to go shopping at Costco, so that’s 3 hours lost. And I need to wash all 4 pairs of sports bras or I can’t work out again. So I am taking an enforced day off. Which means if I do that, I should probably work out on Thursday.

Weigh-in coming up soon. Fingers crossed…

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