Lifestyle change is here!

13 Aug

I love blogging. It really allows me to think about health, wellness, fitness, food,  you name it. It keeps me mentally engaged and I think, helps me on my journey. I wanted to spend some time talking a little more about my intervening months of absense, from March until now (August).

I took a quasi-vacation from the gym in April/May. But I did go back, and I kept going, for the last few months. I just didn’t say anything about it here. I kept active. I went hiking and pushed myself there. I started biking (30+ miles every trip, ouch my ass!). I started doing weight training with a personal trainer once a week.

I also stopped being so vigilant about eating. But I didn’t eat the way I used to either. I would indulge more regularly. But the foods I would endulge in were based on healthy foods I had in the house. I don’t eat out much (partially due to financial reasons, partially because my bf and I are in the eating-at-home habit). I would have alcohol more often than I used to, but it would still be in extreme moderation (a glass of wine, about 2 fingers high), and there were more days that I have no alcohol compared to days I had any at all. I still made the same meals for breakfast/lunch during the week, EVERY DAY. I kept bringing my food to work, and was able to maintain and control my eating for the most part.

So what I’m getting at is that I was more in maintenance mode than weight loss mode. I did it for months and didn’t get out of control. I never gained weight during that period of leaving the gym for 1-2 months. Let me say that again.

I never gained weight.

That is what led me to the conclusion that I have made this a lifestyle choice. I have, for the first time in my life, committed to my health in a safe, healthy, maintainable way. I may get tired of the journey and take a break every so often, but I will not lose my way. I just proved that I haven’t.

I’m proud that I’m continuing to improve. I’m proud that I pushed through it and started again. I’m proud that I’ve recommitted to weight loss again, and not just weight management. And I’m proud that the gym scale showed me my extra workouts are starting to pay off last night.

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