Recap: where’ve I been the last 5 months?!

11 Aug

My last post was in March. It is now August, 5 months later. Let me bring you all up to speed. I’ll just skip over the embarassment of not posting for so long, and being absent from this blog, and get to the real heart of it:

April – I was busy and stressed. I realized that I had to get a new, lower-mileage vehicle to do all the highway driving I was planning for the summer. I started shopping for a new car (used Subaru outback), and that took over 2 weeks of my life. That was the beginning of making excuses for not going to the gym. A few days off, and la la la, it’s almost impossible to make myself go back. I then got a nasty spring cold, the kind where I was out of work for 3 days, and totally out for the count for 5 (over a weekend). It took me a solid 2-3 weeks to get over it. I think I tried going to the gym a time or two with miserable results. But at least I went.

May – I was in the habit of not going to the gym (see April). This continued all month. As a further excuse, my boyfriend had gotten into yet another car accident (also not his fault) – he was hit hard from behind and this made his existing minor symptoms from a previous car accident much much worse. He was in a lot of pain (which still continues!!!!) and was physically unable to do much at all, let alone go to the gym with me. So without him going to pressure me into going, I didn’t. Pathetic. LIke it’s his responsibility to ensure that I go to the gym? I don’t think so, but at the time it was a convenient excuse.

June – I started really feeling physically awful. I had been ignoring and denying the fact that I needed to return to the gym. I had been tired of the whole ‘going to the gym ALL THE TIME’ and was happy to have a break. But the 2 month break period finally came to an end when I was getting winded going up stairs and had no energy for anything anymore. I realized that I needed to get my ass back in gear, and get back to the gym. I couldn’t rely on another person to decide to get my health and wellness in check. Only I could do that. The month saw me come to the realization that I needed to be serious about exercise, and that only I could keep myself accountable. So I started going again. I also got into the rythym of hiking weekly with my hiking partner friend. 4-6 hour hikes once a week, with modest 1000-2000 ft elevation gains over 4-6 miles, then turn around and return. We talked a lot about health, fitness, our goals, and everything related under the sun. I reconfirmed my commitment to keep going. I also signed up for an into 3-session training package at my gym (24 hr fitness).

July – I continued to go to the gym regularly. But not consistently and not with the amount I needed to continue weight loss. I finished my 3-session intro package and bit the financial bullet, and signed up for a 10-pack session. I planned on doing the session with the trainer (who is great by the way!) and then repeating it mid-week. But that didn’t happen. I would do one good week of going consistently 4-5 times, and then I’d have a week where I was super sore and couldn’t move well for days so I’d be pathetic and do no further exercise for 3-4 days before returning. One or two weekends I didn’t do hikes (due to my hiking partner not being available). However, I did start doing some long bike rides (4 hrs or so) about once a week or so. Physically I was getting stronger, my muscles were getting much more defined and solid, but I still didn’t lose any weight. I was in the complacent bubble where I felt healthy, acted healthy, but saw no significant change other than a little stronger.

August – now we’re up to current events. As of now, I am hovering around 209-210 lbs. I haven’t really noticed any weight loss or much change in my clothes. My waistbands are about the same as they were a few months ago. My bra may fit a little loser, but that’s about it. Last week I had what I’ll call my August epiphany. I realized that if I was serious about losing weight, and by that I mean to actually LOSE weight, not just go to the gym a lot, lift heavy weights and get strong, but actually physically slim down, reduce my clothes from size 16 to a healther, smaller size, that I would have to step it up. My epiphany was that i needed to be consistent at the gym. Not just every few days, but at least 5 days a week. PLUS go hiking or biking on the weekends. Beyond that, I needed to be more careful with my diet. I should cut out alcohol completely. A little bit here and there really add up (thus no drinking my calories). I needed to work on reducing my portion sizes (always a big struggle). And even more important, I should add in extra workouts. This means that after a training session, or an hour step class, I should still do more. I decided to push my workouts to be longer, not just 1 hour. I should add in walks before work, or more activity on the weekends. So that’s the plan as of last week – I’ll see how well it meshes with reality.

As of last Friday, I have been a gym rockstar. I am putting my schedule into my online calendar to keep track, and I’ll start posting my weekly activity here as I used to do. I’m back on track. I feel solidly recommitted to this. I realized in the last 2 months that I finally have made this a lifestyle choice. I’m not doing this for the short term. I’m trying to do it for the long haul. I am now working hard on losing the next 10 pounds and getting under 200 lbs, before continuing further.

Thanks for visiting, and seeing me along my journey! I promise it won’t be another 5 months to my next post. 😉

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