In it to Win It!

28 Feb

Sunday turned into a normal workout day instead of a super-charged one that I had hoped for. I ended up going out for dim sum, followed by a bunch of shopping, and made it back just in time for my hour date with the treadmill and Iron Chef (secret ingredient – Skipjack Tuna). I worked hard, but I still had a lot of fatigue in my muscles, that made me less able to perform.

Question: Does anyone have suggestions for reducing muscle fatigue the next day or two after a hardcore workout (in this case, lots of walking/running the day prior)?

The Two Month Mark
I’m happy to report that today will mark 2 full months of workouts. I think I’ve proven that I’m in it to win it! I’ve still managed to make it 5 days/week every week so far, which is my minimum goal. Yes, I could be doing a little bit more, but you know what, I’m a hell of a lot stronger, more fit, and have much more stamina than when I started!

John is also working out weekly with a friend of ours – early in January they made a spontaneous deal to train for a relay triathlon sprint. So this friend of ours, who manages a bar, works late, and has fallen into the routine of drinking rather heavily and often, is supposed to be training for this. She’s stopped smoking, and has begun drinking less, but she hasn’t worked out as hard or as intensely as she probably should for this goal. Personally, I feel as if she committed to doing the triathlon without much thought, and that’s catching up with her. John and I were talking yesterday about how it’s really uncommon for someone to start up at the gym, go strong from the start, and maintain it, so we’re way ahead of the curve. Yup! That’s us, we’re amazing!

Physical Changes:
One thing I noticed – my basic running speed has increases slightly since I started in January. Then, it was a struggle to run at all. By the end of the month I was able to run at 4.5 for long periods of time. Now, 4.7 is no problem, and I may be able to go faster for extended periods. I get a little winded at 5.0, but I’m getting there! It’s nice to see progress, as I feel so slow compared to where I was in years past. My fitness level and my weight are about the same as then – the only thing that has changed is my age.

Oh, and something else weird. I’ve been trying a lot of jeans on lately and they always get stuck on my calves. I don’t remember this being as much of an issue before. I haven’t measured (as I don’t have a tape to use), but I think my calves have been getting bigger, not smaller!!! At this rate I will never be able to get knee-high boots unless I get them custom made. That’s one of the things I had been looking forward to, actually be able to wear fun footwear occasionally instead of clogs or sneakers.

This Week:

  • Looking forward, I think I may be missing my Tuesday workout – I have to go back in to work at 9 pm (cue overtime opportunity! yeah!), after closing our building late (at 6:30 or so), and there just won’t be time! If that happens, I’m going to have to consider doing a Thursday late night workout.
  • I still haven’t made hummus yet! I have to do it before all my peripheral ingredients go bad (cukes, feta, olives).
  • We’re starting to see a lettuce shortage in supermarkets. It’s been more difficult to get clamshells of spring mix lettuces, one of our staple food items (ie, dinner salads!). There was a big freeze in Mexico recently, and we were warned that this would have a significant impact on supply and probably prices.
  • I am assisting with a big pinhole camera making workshop this weekend, so no outdoor activities or big workouts are planned. I’ll be busy enough as it is as the TA, but that’s ok, it will let me take the workshop for free – something I wanted to take but couldn’t quite afford!
  • Desperately need to make a run to Costco and pickup on dietmaven approved foods. Didn’t manage to make it grocery shopping this weekend at all, so we’re in food crisis mode at home! Not good!

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2 responses to “In it to Win It!

  1. Rachael

    March 1, 2011 at 07:45

    You are making great progress! The suggestion I have for fatigue is Glutamine. It is a great recovery supplement that I take before and after a workout. Your body produces it but it does not give enough. It will help with muscle fatigue and pain.

    BTW – I love your new format.:-)

  2. Pretty Pauline

    March 1, 2011 at 15:39

    I have heard that alternating hot/cold in the shower really helps with muscle soreness, but I’ve been too wimpy to try it! ACK!


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