Ambition vs. reality

27 Feb

Exercising is hard, which is why not so many people do it I guess. As I was updating my weekly recap, keeping tabs on  my weekly progress I realized that I needed to step it up in order to keep on top of my weight loss. I’d been taking it easy, as necessary as that was in order to heal up, but I hadn’t had any killer workout days recently. So I planned some big exercising for the weekend, when I have extra time without the time crunch that a job takes.

I decided I would go for a big walk on Saturday morning, right after I got up. There’s a big park, called Lincoln Park, a little ways from my house, and it’s actually less far than I expected. So rather than drive there and walk the park, I decided to walk TO the park, then around it, and back home. Turns out it was 4.75 miles round trip. With a huge elevation gain (I live high up on a bluff over puget sound) going from my house to the park and back, since the park is at sea level. It was fun, even though it was particularly cold, in the mid 20s. I wore alot of layers, but my legs never quite warmed up fully. And when I got back, I got the shivers from cooling down and wearing damp sweaty clothing, and then making a shake wiht frozen berries. I had to get a hot water bottle to warm up after that!

Later on, the plan was to go to the gym after errands and shopping and stuff. I tried. I was sore. I was tired. A kitty wanted to take a nap on me. I did persevere after all, but it was a really difficult workout. I think I showed my mental fortitude, since my body was having none of it. That adage “you’ll never regret a workout” kept going in my head and was one of the motivators I used to keep going on the treadmill. I tried running for a while, had to take a break. I tried fast sprints every other minute, and I needed a lot of mental push to make myself hit that speed increase button after a minute of walking. I did it, and I burned 450 calories, but I was pathetic. I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment of never regretting a workout. But I didn’t allow myself the out, and didn’t think about it, and just did it.

Today my leg muscles feel generally sore and not recovered, but they don’t hurt and there’s nothing specifically wrong with them. Just major fatigue. I’m supposed to repeat yesterday with a big major workout today and I’m not finding the fortitude to do it. I walked/ran about 8 miles yesterday, so I guess that’s like going for a big hike. Who knows what the day will bring. Maybe I’ll feel more energetic after I finish my morning coffee.

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