New site layout!

25 Feb

I was bored with the old one. It was very “engineer” and it needed some more bling. So now I’ve chosen the men’s library look. Even though I’m female. Even though I’m not old. Even though I don’t come from money. Stitched leather is in!

Do you like it? Will it make you read it more often? Will it help people visit my site and leave more comments? Or do I need to post more goofy graphics and pictures? What do you think? I see tons of other exercise/weight loss blogs and they all have a gazillion people leaving comments – not that that’s the reason I have this blog.  Does my writing suck? Is it the lack of brightly colored graphics and google docs? Do I need to buy a graphic designed header with a caricature of me?

Anyway, looking for feedback and comments on what to improve. I suppose I should have photos up or something. You’d think for a photographer with a fine art degree I could take good snapshots but I am lazy if I am not dealing with my expensive old manual Hasselblad camera that costs $1.50 per image (that’s when I really make sure that an image counts!). Maybe if I do some really artsy pinhole images of me on the treadmill at the gym…. Ha, that’s be trippy, a 15 minute exposure of me running.

Anyway, I’m really sleepy, and I really want to go take a nap, and it’s almost time for me to go home and go run at the gym. While I want to do that intellectually, right now what I really want is a warm kitten, a blanket, a martini and a good book.

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Posted by on February 25, 2011 in Blog


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