Recovery & holding steady

24 Feb

I’ve been recovering from the big run I had on Saturday, which may have been overmuch! The top of my quad on my left leg has been sore when I engage it, to get up/sit down, but fine while I walk. It has been the same level of sore since Saturday, with today being the first time it hasn’t been really painful.

So because of that, I took it easy Monday, took Tuesday off to rest it, and reluctantly went to the gym to only do upper body weights and light walking Wednesday. It was a challenge – last night I really wanted to run. I’m starting to think of myself as a runner-in-training, and I couldn’t do jack. But better to take it slow and easy than push and keep injuring something.

Next time I make it in I will try running and see how it goes. I may wait a few days before doing lower body weights however.

I have not been super strict with my eating (particularly dinner choices). I went out one night and had chicken, mashed potato, gravy, and extra veggies. I only ate half (bringing the rest to lunch the next day), but it wasn’t necessarily low-cal, either. I have to maek sure I choose to eat more veggies than John prepared, if he is making dinner. Leave it to him and he will eat 3-4 bites of a veggie, a big plate of roasted potatoes, and a protein. Yet he loves salad, too, wierd. But he never makes enough veggies. I need to take more control of that!

So this will come as no surprise, but I’m learning that doing something half-assed means not doing it properly. My weight is holding steady, maybe a half pound less than the last time I officially posted my weight. I haven’t exercised enough during my period of light workouts nor have I eaten very strickly (which I probably will never do). So basically I need to step up the workouts. I need to be doing more walks, on the weekend, and on days I don’t work out.

That’s it. Nothing much else to report. Just working, and cooking, and looking at the new pretty snow here in Seattle (how unusual!!!!).

Stay warm everyone!

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Posted by on February 24, 2011 in Excuses


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