Week 7

22 Feb

This has been a steady week with a lot of subtle progress. I may not have worked as intensely as I would have liked, only 5 days at the gym, and didn’t make it out snowshoeing. But I have begun incorporating more at home exercise to supplement going to the gym, and the gym is becoming more of a habit. I don’t fight going as much as I have been; I just give in and go, even if I don’t want to. I hope I get to the point that I go without even thinking about it, that it becomes so much of a routine that it is an unconscious activity.

I’m consistently pushing to work 600 calories or so each workout, with a total that I’m estimating at about 3100 calories this week. It would have been more, but I had a really extra strong workout day on Saturday and may have overdone it – Sunday was necessarily a very light day (which unfortunately looks to be continuing as I recover).

In food news, did pretty well. I had 2 steaks this week, a little more in size and frequency than I should be eating, but overall, it was a fairly well balanced week. I semi-indulged a little here and there, but not very much (just a scone with marmalade on Saturday, and a large pasta dish with too little veggies on it one evening). I’m noticing that I’m able to handle being hungry a little better than I used to during the day, and I also have noticed that it is more normal for me to stop eating and be satisfied even if I’m not full like I used to be. Not being hungry is often good enough, I no longer need to eat until I’m excessively full. That in itself is a major change and a very positive one! Though I need to be careful to only put what i need on my plate – otherwise I’ll eat everything presented to me and lick the plate clean to boot!

Mon: Did weights, upper and lower body.
Tues: took the day off.
Weds: 1 hour cardio. Can’t remember what. About 600 calories.
Thurs: day off.
Fri: Did an hour cardio on the treadmill, 600 calories.
Sat: 2/19: Did a morning workout and really pushed. Burned 900 calories over an hour and a half. Did a lot of fast running sprints during the last half hour. Tried to stay active the rest of the day so I wouldn’t stiffen up.
Sun: Recovery day – did 1 hour walk in my neighborhood, then 1 hour at the gym on the treadmill, slow walking. Was dealing with an overtaxed quad muscle on one leg and a sore knee on the other. I think the kneecap was tracking poorly and I think I need to start strengthening the inner leg muscle that connects to the knee (this has been an issue in my pre-workout days) to keep the knee cap from pulling to the outside by stronger muscles. Between both walks, I’m guessing 550 calories spent (300 on the treadmill at least).

Pushed hard by the end of the week, and it’s making my next week start off quite slowly – not yet fully recovered. However, I think I’ll bounce back strong, in a few days. I’m also struggling with some wierd dizzy-like symptoms. I don’t know if it’s an issue with my inner ear or a low-grade fever, but things are spinning and I’m having trouble not listing to the side. I think I will take tonight off officially and get a lot of rest as my leg muscles are still not recovered. Just a small glitch on the journey, nothing major.


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2 responses to “Week 7

  1. Rachael

    February 23, 2011 at 06:19

    I like the way you are keeping track I think it is important to keep us accountable. There are many time when I don’t want to go to the gym or leave early without finishing my workout. Then I start to think “what else do I have to do” funny thing is I can never come up with a good answer. DAMN IT ALL! So I finish my workout or go grudgingly to the gym and feel so good for following through. Looks like you had a great week, Nice job!! 🙂

  2. dietmaven

    February 23, 2011 at 09:36

    Rachael, thanks! I agree, keeping a weekly log is really helpful – not only for the accountability, but to keep things in perspective. It allows me to see the general trend, and not just a highlight (ie, one great workout or one bad meal). The real reason I’m doing it is so that I can look back over the course of a long period of time and know what I did, and how I performed. I have horrible memory. It should be fun to look back and see my progress over the course of say, a year!


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