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16 Feb

Things have been quiet around the dietmaven household. Here’s what’s up with me:

Had a repeated sharp pain in my left foot, so took Tuesday off to rest it. Since I had done weights on Monday, I couldn’t even do weights. Spent the night at home puttering around trying not to walk. Today felt waaay better.

Been researching online weight routines. Found a few sites that are promising, with split routines (upper vs. lower body), and some full body. I’m ready for a change, it’s been a solid month+ since I started. I think I may do 3 days of weights, and do 30 minute or more cardio on those nights as well, plus 2 days of full cardio. Then I’d alternate every week, doing 2 legs, 1 upper body, then the next week 1 leg and 2 upper body. Weights would be MWF. Still have to settle on the full exercise routine and bring a list until I’m used to it. I expect this will be worked out by next week.

This weekend may go for snowshoeing on Sunday – it’s all based on my friend’s schedule (she has family in town). Since I convinced her to up her gym time to 5 days a week instead of 3 and add in cardio, PLUS make plans to go out at least every other weekend on a snowshoe/hike, I think it’s probably realistic that I’ll make it out this weekend.

I’m getting really really tired of apples every day. Not my favorite fruit. In fact, I kinda can’t stand apples, but they travel well, are readily available, and easy. I need to find some new fruit to eat as a snack. I may try adding carrot sticks very soon. Grapes are so hit and miss, and oranges are so messy! I can’t wait until summer and stone fruits and berries… Mmmm.

Hope my foot does ok. I don’t know if it was just strain, or possible over stressing on the bones? I’ve been running and running hard lately, so  may just try and see how it feels tonight and/or be a little extra light on it for a few days? Not sure, but will keep a close eye on it.

Been getting a ton of CDs from the library. I’m on a quest to increase my kick ass high-energy music selection, while sticking to a frugal budget. So no music purchases for me. Plus, I have had so many problems with the few songs I previously downloaded from iTunes previously (moving my library to a new computer, for example), so I’m tired of proprietary systems, and want to get my music from actual CDs so they play on anything, and any computer. I need to figure out that cool widget thingie people have on their blogs that plays music. My favorite KA (kick ass ™) music is currently:
Tegan & Sara, Walking with a Ghost
Sons & Daughters – House in my Head
Nina Simone – Sinner Man
50 cent
plus a bunch of electronic/trance

When these songs start playing, it makes me want to run as fast as I can, and as hard as I can. I love it!

Let’s see, what other rambling things are going on? Well, we’re making marmalade tonight! We’ve had bags of heirloom naval oranges we bought over a week ago waiting and waiting and tonight seems to be the night. We’re chopping, and cutting and sectioning and juicing and cleaning up the skins to dice up. We’re about to make heirloom marmalade with bourbon, homemade vanilla, and balsalmic. Mmmm. This is going to be xmas gifts for a few people…

I am absolutely jonesing for some good hummus (no cumin, bleh!) after having some 2 weeks ago at a party. I need to buy some bulk garbanzos, and make some quick pickled red onions, then make a plate with pita wedges, kalamata olives, crumbled feta, and cucumbers. Doesn’t that sound divine? I may not be able to make it until this weekend. I also kinda want a big pot of lamb shanks and beluga lentils. I think I may do a big cooking day on Saturday, doesn’t that sound yummy?

Anyway, my finchy cat is yowling to go out, so time to suit him up for a walk!

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