Week 6

13 Feb

This has been an awesome week. I went to the gym only 5 times, but I exercised every single day. And only one of those days do I consider a light workout. I felt really strong this week, and saw some big gains in my energy level and running ability. I doubt I’ll see such a big growth again. I feel like I can do longer workouts now, so I may try and stay a little longer on some nights.  I am also going to try and fit in regular walks on top of gym time going forward as well. As the weather gets nicer, and the sun is up longer, of course!

I didn’t eat badly, but I did have some non diet food on Sunday. Had a not so low calorie thai meal (it had fried noodles in it) and then had a small movie popcorn when we went to see True Grit, the first movie I’ve seen in about 4 months! And I’m having a big glass of wine with dinner tonight. I think it’s important to have an outlet every so often (once a week or so) where you can loosen up. It helps let off steam so I don’t always feel so restricted in my eating!

Anyway, on to the awesome results:

Mon 2/7: Cardio! 1 hour on the treadmill, 600 calories. I had less endurance than I expected, 5 weeks in. Did 30 minutes hill climb, then tried running the last 30 minutes, did pretty good, only a few walking breaks.
Tues 2/8: Did step class. It is still kicking my butt. When will I start noticing cardio/endurance improvement? Maybe I’m expecting too much at 5 weeks?
Weds 2/9: Already posted that I got waylayed by a dinner/routine change. Didn’t go to the gym, but felt bad about that and went for an hour walk at night when I got home from the bookstore, late. (this is my “light” exercise day)
Thurs 2/10: To make up for yesterday, did full hour of weights very late at night. No increase in strength; did the same routine as usual, with the same weight numbers. Ran a full mile as warmup (135 calories), could have done more!
Fri 2/11: 1 hour cardio. Ran for 56 minutes, 4.25 miles, 630 calories total. Wow. Can’t believe I ran as much as I did, but at a slow 4.5 speed. (I repeat, wow!)
Sat 2/12: 4 hour snowshoe @ Kendall Peak (Snoqualmie Pass). No gym, I think I did well enough without! (definitely a high-calorie expenditure day)
Sun 2/13: Due to my calves being in agony from snowshoeing, didn’t think I’d do much but walk on the treadmill during Iron Chef. Instead, I ended up doing mid-level hill climbs and then running during commercials. For some reason, my calves did not hurt one bit during running, and since Ifelt so damn good, I started running at a much higher level than I have been up until now. I ran most of the last 30 minutes, with a few walking breaks, averaging about 5.1 speed. Finished with a 2 minute sprint at 6-7 speed. WHEW! I could have done another half hour running, too, but thats it for the night. And an amazing cap to the week. Oh, and the secret ingredient was mexican chocolate (in honor of Valentine’s)!

Stay strong!


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4 responses to “Week 6

  1. RickGetsFit

    February 15, 2011 at 08:38

    Awesome job on the exercise – really good! I bet the snowshoeing burned a ton of calories! Cheers, Rick

    • dietmaven

      February 16, 2011 at 09:09

      Definitely some! Hard to tell; sweating is less obvious when it’s cold and you’re bundled up. More coming, then on to hiking season!

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    February 15, 2011 at 18:04

    Every fitness/health professional I know recommends a little bit of easing once a week or so. I never managed it once a week, but I *depended* on it once a month. 🙂

    I still advocate a rest day, especially when working so awesomely hard! But it’s your house, your rules. 🙂

    • dietmaven

      February 16, 2011 at 09:12

      Cammy, no worries, I definitely get my rest days! I could probably do less days off when it comes to eating, but my boyfriend does it once a week and it’s hard to be austere when my other half isn’t! It’s a balance, and I’m still figuring mine out.


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