A little blip, and changes in routine

10 Feb

This week so far has been good for exercise, well, it was, until yesterday! Yesterday I was bored to tears at work. Have you ever had such a slow day, that you are coming up with excuses to walk around just so you don’t sit and stare at your computer? I mean, how many games of hearts can I play, especially with my manager sitting DIRECTLY behind me in the same office (the answer is “none, while he’s in the same room”)? The no client phone calls continued, so I got the nod to go home an hour early. All excited, I called J, so he could plan dinner early (meaning prep it so we could go to the gym earlier), and when I get home, big miscommunication…. He had put dinner INTO the oven. That’s not prepping, that’s cooking! So, I guess dinner was first, then the gym.

That totally threw off my evening routine. I prepped and cooked roaste cauliflower and brussel sprouts (yum yum yum, I could eat plates of roasted veggies). Then I sat in the chair, watched the biggest loser, and both cats came to snuggle on me and go to sleep. That’s 30 lbs of warm soft, purring kitten mounds. You try and get out of that predicament!

Then dinner was ready, and J dropped the bombshell…”can we take the night off?” I had made the big huge disasterous mistake of mentioning going to Barnes & Noble to hang out, get a coffee, and read, since I was going home early. Instead of having extra time to relax and still do the gym, it turned into a big waste of eating a huge plate of food (roast chicken, 2 heaping servings of roast cauliflower/brussels, and roasted potato). Then we went to the bookstore at 7:15 and stayed there until 9.

I was thinking how wrong that was, I should have brought gym clothes and gone over and worked out while he was reading (the gym is in the same complex as the B&N, 5 minutes from our house). But I didn’t. I wanted to chill just as much. So instead, I made myself go for a walk when I got home. I went for an hour walk around the neighborhood, at night, in the dark, in the blisteringly cold night (it was 30-35 I think, brrrrr). I loved it. It reminded me when I was dithering about whether or not I should go, that no one ever regrets a workout, just not having done one, and I was extra glad I made myself get out there.

Part of the reason I made myself go is that I felt so fantastic yesterday. I finally reached that point where just the process of walking and moving your legs feels so incredible! My muscles have felt so terrific, with the stretching, and the blood flow. I kept finding excuses to run upstairs to coworkers, just so I’d have an excuse to run up the stairs (it’s not a regular stairwell like in a building, it’s inside a warehouse, up to a platform work area, and not walled off or separated). I loved it! That’s why I was so disappointed to not be working out, since it felt so good to move for a change. Well, the walk was great. I burned something, but I’m not sure it was as intense as the gym. Hard to say, since I couldn’t tell if I sweated due to the cold, and I don’t think I was panting quite as hard as I normally do, and I didn’t have a heart rate monitor or anything to really judge.

And today is my Thursday evening thing where I don’t get to go home until 9-9:30 pm. I thought I should make up for yesterday, and because I never want to go 2 full days without going to the gym, I brought my gym clothes with me to work. I may try and sneak in a workout on the way home. Just go in, change, and do a fast, full, intense weight workout. I should be ok going to bed by 11:30-midnight, that’s not too out of the ordinary. I haven’t done weights since Saturday, and that late at night, I should have less trouble getting all the equipment without waiting.

So… I hope I make it tonight! Now I gotta go get my subway sandwich for dinner before I walk over to the lab. I’ll check in tomorrow with my results. Did I make it? Or not?

Keep moving and keep strong everyone!

Update: I’m proud to report I made it to the gym tonight after all. I was in great spirits, looking forward to going, and didn’t even second guess my decision to go (wow, what happened??). And I did a full workout. I ran a mile on the treadmill to warm up (135 calories), then did a full weight workout. A quick shower and sauna, and home by 11:15. It’s been a long time since that subway 6″ sandwich, so I ate a luna bar, and that seems to be enough. I’m not necessarily that tired, but I really should hit the hay.  7 am is coming up real fast! G’night!

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