Week 5 Recap, or “Just Doing”

06 Feb

Exercise: Overall, did 5 days at the gym, and went for 2 walks. I kindof want to be going 6 days, but if I really wanted it, I would have made it happen. I’m satisfied with 5 days a week of hour-plus-long workouts. I’m glad I started adding in more non-gym activities. I think I will focus on this aspect more going forward, getting in more walks/activities beyond an hour or so at the gym daily. I have to remember that anything beyond the minimum 5 days/week at the gym is just gravy – I should think of it as instant weight loss!

Food: Ate well for breakfast/lunches all week. Dinner still having some issues with the food J likes to prepare and the amount of veggies that are prepared (I can eat a mountain of veggies, J well, he’s kindof the opposite).  Very pleased that I made it all of January, that is EVERY SINGLE DAY, bringing my lunch. A major first for me! Previously, I think I could do like 3 days a week for maybe 2 weeks before buying it every day.

Alcohol: I continue to have a sip here and there of J’s red wine (he has 2 glasses every night), but I’m generally doing really well with the alcohol avoidance. Had a half glass of red one week night, 2 cocktails on Friday, a shot of tequila Saturday and that is it. I am not a lush (even though I might sound like one since I talk about it so often, but I’m totally not – 2 drinks and I fall asleep).  In fact I don’t really drink that much, but it’s hard to avoid when there’s a glass of something around all the time.

 Here’s the run down:

Monday 1/31: Weights! I pushed hard and saw some great improvement. Started doing forearm curls to strengthen that muscle, but I’m going to have to research it a bit more i think. Due to serious lack of activity since my accident(s) I have a lot of lost strength in my arms particularly.  Upper/lower body, full all around resistance workout.
Tuesday 2/1:  Got home late from work, J had to semi-drag me to the gym. Was struggling with ideas of what to do; still suffering sore below-the-knee areas and leg muscle strain. Decided to try their step class, dragged J into it with me. Hard! Halfway through had to remove the risers since I couldn’t handle the bouncing anymore ! Did more low-impact moves after that point. Super sore calves followed, for several days…
Weds 2/2: Nothing to do at work/very bored. I left early at 3:30, went to Seward Park and did a loop walk for 1 hr. Got home late, reluctantly dragged myself to the gym (all I wanted was to sit on the couch and eat dinner), did hill climb and 20 minutes on the stairclimber.  Not the best workout ever, but overall for the day did really really well. Food-wise, ran out of bread AND sandwich meat today, and cheese for snacks, so tomorrow’s lunch was starting to look pretty scanty. Had to stay up late to make lentil soup or else I would have had to go buy food for lunch tomorrow (NO!), so I bucked up and cooked when I was super tired after the gym at 9 pm.
Thurs 2/3: weekly day off; calves so sore I could barely hobble around. Had to take stairs sideways. Everyone asked what was wrong! Whew, good to have this day off. Didn’t have any food to bring with me for dinner at the photo lab, so I resisted eating for as long as I could before giving in and getting a Subway sandwich. Got the ham 6″ with tons of veggies and fat free dressing. It barely made a dent in my hunger, but after eating a cliff mojo bar, I was ok. I’m learning that eating fat and protein together is really necessary or I don’t feel full or satisfied (meat, nuts, cheese, avocado). Fruit does nothing for me by itself.
Fri 2/4: Ambushed by a business’ anniversary party I went to unexpectedly, they had St. Germain liquor at the bar (my fav!)! I couldn’t help it, so had a cocktail with muddled ginger and blueberries, St. Germain, a splash of lime Tanqueray and topped with ginger beer. And then their punch bowl with 3 citrus juices, absinthe and home-made grenedine! The snacks were yummy too! Caprese salad on toothpicks, pita/hummus/pickled red onions/feta/olives. Mmmm, ate a lot of those! I was a little tipsy, so never made it to the gym. And apparently that was dinner also; I never ate anything else that evening. I think I definitely kept within calories today, even with the alcohol! And I’m still obsessing about that food. I want to make a big plate o’ hummus with veggies and feta for dinner sometime soon, with a quick pickled red onion and cucumber. YUM!
Sat 2/5: Had to make up for yesterday. Went for a walk in Lincoln Park, 30 minutes brisk walk. Later in the evening, did full weights. J made cod for dinner. I really really don’t like white fish! But I ate it anyway at least a small piece. It was a major struggle to convince him to make a lot of veggies (the entire parcel of asparagus). I told him I want to have half veggies on my plate, and he doesn’t eat them much, so he didn’t believe that I would eat them. But I did. He ate like 8 tiny spears and I ate the rest (especially because of the, ugh, fish). I wouldn’t call the roasted/baked potato slices with olive oil healthy, but I ate ’em. Ate breakfast so late it was really brunch, so ate 1 meal less than usual. Had a small shot of tequila pre-dinner, yum! It’s nice to relax on the weekend.
Sun 2/6: Tonight is cardio. J decided he is going to actually eat super healthy for at least 2 or 3 months, no red meat, no skin on chicken, no butter at all. Tonight, though, is his last fling with no holds barred eating. He’s making his french provencal inspired bbq pork ribs – the rub is his own creation, the bbq sauce is homemade. Omigod it’s good, but luckily I don’t eat very much of it. After tonight, any red meat I want I will have to bring home myself. And horror of horrors, there was NO iron chef on tonight! What the hey?! It was some stupid repeat lame-ass worst-cooks contest that I hate. I ran/walked for an hour, about 510 calories I think.

Saturday weigh-in: 218! This is my true weight, since I wasn’t wearing clothes, or shoes at the time, just a towel and socks. I think I’ve lost 5-6 in January since I’m not 100% sure of my initial weight (224-225 I think).

I’m also realizing that I continually have what I consider less than stellar workouts. Meaning I’m sluggist, sore, having a hard time pushing through and finishing. but I make myself do the full hour on the treadmill, or that final set of 3 reps for a muscle I dislike working and that’s ok. What matters is the habit of going, even when I don’t want to, even when I’m complaining about it. Just doing it and being consistent is what will work. Does the fat care that I had a bad or good attitude? No, I think it cares if I work at all! So regardless of how awesome I feel I am or am not doing, I am doing it and that’s all that matters. Here’s to future weeks of just doing…


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3 responses to “Week 5 Recap, or “Just Doing”

  1. RickGetsFit

    February 8, 2011 at 07:40

    Great job making the cardio a habit, or working towards it. I have had a love/hate relationship with the treadmill in the past, just starting back on it this morning.

    • dietmaven

      February 8, 2011 at 09:45

      Rick, awesome, looking forward to you kicking ass now that you’re starting at the gym this week. I think you’ll see much faster and better results. Food alone is not really enough, in my book. Maybe take classes, or swim, or do the elliptical instead? I just happen to really like the treadmill leaps and bounds (ha ha) over the other equipment. I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing a month in!!

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    February 10, 2011 at 14:19

    Baked potato with olive oil is quite healthy, actually. Potatoes get such a bad rap! But they’ve got loads of Vitamin C, a good amount of fiber, iron, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese. They’ve even got protein!

    Oh, sorry. I’m passionate about potatoes. 🙂

    Please take care you don’t hurt yourself at the gym. Pushing is good. Too much pushing can cause serious injury!


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