Escape…and changing priorities

03 Feb

Yesterday I managed to escape from work at 3:30, since I was really slow and no clients had been calling me for hours. I got the ok to leave early, and left for like the first time in forever, while the sun was still in the sky. Unusually for Seattle, it’s been sunny the last few days, and only during the work week (unfortunately!). So it was with great pleasure that I left early. Now, normally, I would either run home to play with my kitties or just sit on the couch and use my computer, or possibly go to Barnes & Noble, grab a book and curl up for a few hours and a mocha.

Mount Rainier from Seward Park

But this time, I decided that if it was so gorgeous, I should do something outside, and decided to go for a walk. I went up to Seward  Park, this really cool little peninsula that sticks out into lake Washington and has a paved loop along the water that is 2.4 miles long. I changed into my sneakers (conveniently stashed in my truck), and around I went. What a great decision, it was nice to just walk, be outside, under old growth trees, listen to the birds, maybe see a bald eagle, and just enjoy. I wish I had more time to just get out and walk. I do love me my walks, but it can be an effort to go to a park and do so.

It was nice to add in some normal non-gym exercise. I need to do that more. Even if it’s cloudy/misty/rainy on the weekends, I just need to get out and do something! My hiking partner has other plans this weekend, so I’ll have to come up with something. If I don’t just go out myself (not recommended in snow areas in the mountains!), or join up with the mountaineers for a group hike/snowshoe, I’ll need to just go find a park and walk. Maybe I should go to Seward Park and start with doing some stair climbs – it’s a hilly area and the neighborhood (I know since I used to live there!) is chock full of hidden stairs up, down, and around all the area. Start with that, then go for a leisurely but brisk walk along the lake, which is something I dearly miss about that neighborhood (when I used to walk my dog there).

I do miss going to read a book as much as I used to, but the new me is enjoying being more active and trying to exercise with more opportunity. As I have mentioned, my focus has shifted, from comfort to exercise, and for the better.


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2 responses to “Escape…and changing priorities

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    February 3, 2011 at 13:49

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!

    I use my reading time as a reward now. Get the walk, ride or workout in and then give myself 30 glorious minutes of fictional escape.

  2. dietmaven

    February 3, 2011 at 17:02

    I read a lot, and somehow there’s never enough time on a weeknight to do gym, dinner, AND read. But I make it up on the weekends… That’s a fab reward though, reading is dear to my heart.


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