Week 4

02 Feb

 Here’s my boring weekly recap post. For posterity. Should be fun to look back months from now and see and remember this all. Yeah, I’m doing this for posterity (and my posterior among other parts!).

Monday 1/24: Relucantly did weights. Upper and lower. Need to start doing more abs. I still avoid it. Maybe if I don’t do them, I won’t have to? Yeah right.
Tuesday 1/25: 1 hour cardio! Hardcore, though I didn’t run as much as I though I would; did run/walk intervals and then a big hill climb for 20 minutes. 600 calories! I think I may have overdone it and hurt/semi-pulled a muscle on the back of my leg, just above the heel.
Wednesday 1/26: I went. That’s about the best I can say. Leg muscle pretty darn sore, and it was affecting general movement, even plain ol’ walking. Couldn’t use treadmill, and elliptical hurt if I went past level 1, due to the steep angle. Since I already don’t like the elliptical, I only did 10 minutes. Tried the stairclimb machine, did that for 10 minutes, did a few weights, (only a few upper body). As I said, at least I went.
Thursday 1/27: weekly day off.
Friday 1/28: yoga class, followed by 22 minutes walking on treadmill (150 calories, at least it’s something!). I’m now very sore! Actually, my stomach continued to be horribly painfully sore, and didn’t stop hurting until next Weds!
Saturday 1/29: Unapologetically took the day off. I already posted about this, but damn, it was nice to sleep in, go food shopping, hit the bookstore for a few hours, go home, eat a nice meal, go to bed, with planning/exercise coordination to fit it in the schedule. Whew. I needed it.
Sunday 1/29: Went and did 1 hour cardio on the treadmill. Initially feeling pretty blah, then rocked it! Did some hill climbing, a little running, and at the end, some seriously fast minute sprints up to 7.0 speed. Unfortunately, could feel strain in my lower calf/ankle muscle and continued strain below the knee on the inside (it feels like ligament problems). Reluctantly decided I need to stop running for a while to see if I can get it to heal/stop. Either way, strong workout, 600 calories, and the secret ingredient in Iron Chef was passion fruit!

My eating is pretty consistant compared to past weeks. My breakfasts and lunches are the same every day, either a smoothie or oatmeal packages, and for lunch an apple, some slices of hard cheese, handful of pecans/almonds, and a baguette sandwich with 1/5 avocado, lettuce, and 3 slices of deli meat (ham or chicken). Occasionally a bar in the afternoon if I was hungry before arriving home.

Dinners continue to be the biggest challenge, as I continue to eat large portions. They are very comforting, to come home from the gym, have been stringent all day with eating, and be ready to relax and be comforted with a full belly. It’s hard for me to eat smaller portions, particularly at this time of the day. I’m trying hard to at least make them healthy. Smaller portions of meat and fat, large amounts of vegetables. I am still relatively on track, so I may not push too much on the food for a few more weeks until I get stronger and start increasing my exercising and calorie expenditures.

Getting used to making “healthy” popcorn – instead of a large amount of melted butter, I’m using a tiny bit of olive oil (1 tbsp?), grated parm cheese, nutritional yeast, paprika, salt, and pepper. I think its low calories. It feels decadent and i’m ok without the half stick of butter. NO CAKE! Thankfully, J finished it off by Weds night. I am happy to report that I only had a half a slice the first night, and one big bite the last night, and that was it! I feel vindicated.

I again had a skinny latte drink at Starbucks on Thursday. It tasted extremely void of anything good or real, and after I drink some of it, I really didn’t want any more. I also felt more empty than if I’d had a nice cup of herbal tea. I’ve decided I’m done with them. I will probably drink plain tea, or in the summer, a tazo iced tea with a splenda in it or something. I also realize that I should start making more snack packs of fruits and veggies to much on. I will start making some carrot sticks to crunch when I’m feeling the need to snack and eat something without really being hungry.

Another thing, I realized that when I make smoothies in the morning, it makes me extra cold, so I’ve been lazy and not allowing myself enough time to make them plus not wanting cold food on cold winter mornings. I’ve been taking a yogurt cup with me for work instead.


Posted by on February 2, 2011 in Weekly recap


2 responses to “Week 4

  1. RickGetsFit

    February 2, 2011 at 19:08

    Parmesan cheese on popcorn? Great idea – I’d never thought of that. I use parm on steamed veggies to give them a little more flavour. Cheers, Rick

    • dietmaven

      February 2, 2011 at 22:25

      When does parm NOT taste good? Thanks for stopping by!


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