Pride and complacency

01 Feb

One big contributing factor to past weight loss failure is feeling how awesome I am doing. Here’s how it works: I  get strong, I start noticing how clothes become loser, I begin to have more energy, and then I rationalize that because of how much better I am doing, that I can handle the big meal, or the dessert, or the jamba juice shake (480 calories for a regular!) after a big workout, since I need something to make up for all the hard work I just did in a weight lifting session. Does any of this sound familiar? I’ve mentioned it before, a little bit.

Well last night, I saw this girl on some of the machines I was using and started to compare my weight usage to hers. She was fit, but going kinda slow, no intensity, no alternating exercises instead of resting between sets, you know, to keep the heart rate up. Instead, she just sat on the machine for her minute down time between sets, lame! Well, she was at a healthy weight, so I assumed she was in shape, too. I realized that her lat pull downs were a LOT lighter than mine. A few of the other machines were comparable to mine, but often lower in weight. And I’ve only been doing this for 4 weeks!!!! I’m still building my muscle strength up. And she’s not the only female I’ve been able to compare myself to favorably, either! I wonder if this is part of the female fear of “bulking” up on muscle? Do women just go and do a weight workout with weights that don’t push their bodies to improve? What’s the deal with that? I don’t ever see any struggle or grimaces like the guys do – the grunting as you try to finish the last few reps? Well, I do that, but I think I’m like the only one! Does that mean these other women I see aren’t really working? If so, why are they even bothering at all???

I realized this morning that this is one of those times that I’m in danger of becoming complacent. It’s this sense of pride in how well I’m doing, compared to another female that wasn’t trying very hard, that will put me in danger. I wish there were more really athletic, strong, females that work out on the weights at my gym, to set the bar that much higher.

So I will continue to take care to stay on track, and not get sloppy with my eating, yet also remain totally thrilled with how well I’m progressing. I rocked last night! I noticed some strength gains in all my muscles. My twingey shoulder injury didn’t twinge at all, and I was able to keep good form, and push through some serious muscle fatigue. I feel like I’m really improving and I was buzzed all night afterwards. Today I feel awesome, and I can’t wait to go back and do more weights. It was a good night, and it followed up an amazing cardio workout I had on Sunday. I hope I have more of them, particularly after last week’s struggling.

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Posted by on February 1, 2011 in Gym


One response to “Pride and complacency

  1. RickGetsFit

    February 2, 2011 at 05:50

    Sounds like you’re doing excellent at staying on program – congrats on the strength gains! Cheers, Rick


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