Recap: week 3

24 Jan

 Still on board. I hope the scale at the gym starts going down and I hope I get my hunger under control soon. Here’s how I did, first at the gym, next with eating.

Mon: weights 3 sets, upper and lower.
Tues: cardio, 55 minutes, 500 calories, intervals, 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking.
Weds: weights, 3 sets, upper and lower body.
Thurs: day off.
Fri: cardio, 60 minutes running/walking on treadmill, 600+ calories! Ran for about 43 minutes out of 60. It whupped my ass.
Sat: no gym. Did 1 hour very brisk walking along alki beach, it’s something at least.
Sun: 100 minutes cardio. Was physically and mentally resistant to working out, probably from not having gone the day before, but made myself at least run during commercials of Iron Chef, and did steep hill climbs the rest of the time. 670 calories.

I think I’m eating higher calories than a serious dieter, but that’s ok. I thought I was losing weight, still don’t have a scale (still debating whether to spend the $35 to buy one), and when I’ve weighed myself at the scale at the gym, it looks like it went up a little mid-week. I don’t know if it’s because of what I ate that day and all the water I drank during a workout, but it’s not really going down much. Not that concerned, as my pants feel a tiny bit looser, I’ve noticed. Am just going to keep going as I am, and hopefully get a scale soon to be more accurate about when (and not wearing heavy clothes and sneakers!). I know I’m eating higher calories than a lot of people, (I’ve calculated it roughly at about 1900-2100 calories) but they are good quality, unprocessed, and I’m still working on being hungry all the time – it’s worse on the weekends.

I’m kinda annoyed – J got it into his head that he wanted to make a lemon cake. He has made 2 white cakes, a lemon marmalade glaze layer, and a buttercream frosting. He ran out of time last night so he’s planning on assembling it and decorating it today. He is not helping me by making this. Luckily, it’s not a big bowl of popcorn dripping with butter and nutritional yeast (in which case I would be in trouble), so I will be ok having my one slice tonight and then abstaining from the rest. I think he is going to give me half to take to work to give to a coworker friend of ours. He says he gets inspired by baking. I’m going to have a small slice with chamomile tea tonight and that’s it. Now if it was a big bowl of potatoes, cheese, butter, salt, steak, or some variation of that, then I’d be really worried. Cake, somehow doesn’t trigger uncontrollable eating to me.

Anyway, time to sign off for the day. Weights tonight – haven’t done them since Wednesday!

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