A slippery slope

23 Jan

Reality check time! I was feeling all holier than thou because of how well I’m doing. I’ve eating much better, I’ve taken food to work every day, and I hadn’t missed any workout days at all. Awesome! But. And there’s always a but.

I’ve kinda dragged my feet in going to the gym a few times. I’ve kinda not wanted to go (fairly often). I still don’t look forward to going. Yesterday I had every intention of going (you knew this was coming, right?). We had a ton of errands, and what’s funny, they were all fitness related! I bought a new $50 high-impact workout bra for the um, more well-endowed, to which club I belong. I had to drive 45 minutes up to Greenlake to visit one of my favorite resources, Title 9, to try on a new bra, with a cross-back (40DD, which fits my DDD actually). I ended up going with the regular kind I already had, since the fit was wonky, and it was $10 more expensive (and I could use more than 1 bra, since doing laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY is not really realistic). Then I got all this cool astro-glide-like stuff for working out and chaffing (a daily issue of mine). $20 there. Then REI to get some wicking undees, $16, which help with the battle of chaffing (again, to supplement my only pair which need washing more than I wear them!), and since they are the only kind I’ve found that actually kinda fit. When we got home from all the errands at 5 pm, I still had to wash all my workout clothes, so had to wait 2 hours. I was all set to go to the gym at 7, until….

Now don't you feel sleepy, too?

My finchy cat came up to snuggle and suckle on the blanket on my lap, and I didn’t have the heart to disturb him. He is so adorable with his snorgling and purring and his little tongue suckling on air. 30 minutes later, (and at this time, Robin was sleeping on J on the couch under another blanket so we had a double whammy!), I asked if he was ok not going to the gym. I kinda wanted to chill, relax, and heal. I was still really sore from the intense cardio on Friday night that almost killed me. Plus, we had done a pit stop at Alki beach in the afternoon. J skateboarded, while I went for a very brisk walk – we were there about 1 hour. So in a way, we both kinda exercised. I figured it was at least 250-300 calories of exercise. Not awesome, but something. That chipped away at the gym resolve too.

So I crapped out. I know that makes going the next time that much harder. I know how it goes. It’s a slippery slope. You don’t go to the gym one time. THe next day if you don’t go in, then you start losing your fitness edge, and your muscles will start chipping away at your resolve. “It’s so nice and comfy on the couch, are you *sure* you have to go…now?” or maybe “It’s so late, if you go you’ll be so tired and wouldn’t it be better to get a full night’s sleep and do it…tomorrow?” UGH! I have to nip this in the bud RIGHT NOW.

So tonight I’m going no matter what. After all, it’s Sunday night. I have to get my hour of Iron Chef at 7 pm! No way around it, I have a date with the treadmill at 7 pm…tonight!


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4 responses to “A slippery slope

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    January 23, 2011 at 13:16

    i didn’t know there was such a thing as wicking undies! those could come in useful in the Memphis summer heat!

    Hope you made it to the gym today. It’s easy to get out of the habit, I know.

    • dietmaven

      January 23, 2011 at 21:07

      They are awesome! I highly recommend them. I don’t think I could have done the hiking I did last summer without ’em. Absolute misery on a 6 hour hike to have bunching, cotton, wet panties. Not sure if you have REI where you are, but maybe try some of the higher-end running stores, they tend to have that kind of thing too, or Title 9 (they are a woman athletic catalog that has some fun workout wear).

      I did make it after all, thank you very much! I told J (the boyfriend) to make sure I never miss more than one day at a time going forward!!!!

  2. Sasha

    January 23, 2011 at 17:05

    I hope you make it to the gym tonight. It’s most important that you’re aware of that slippery slope because then you’ll avoid it. I understand the need for the mega sports bra. 😐 I’m a 40C now but when I started I was a 44D and well, at least I found out that UnderArmour makes a D cup large sports bra but it’s more like actual bulletproof body armour. Seriously. I usually wear my giant Champion sports bra. Anyway, beautiful cats! I have a soft spot for orange cats but alas, I have no orange cats except for Lucy who has orange patches. Sometimes when I’m petting her I tell her I only love the orange parts of her because I’m a mean cat mom.

    • dietmaven

      January 23, 2011 at 21:15

      I made it!!!! Not only that, but it was extra long (J dragged me in early, so I had 30 minutes before Iron Chef to keep busy). I definitely saw fatigue and resistance to the idea of going. I think if I ever get to 2 days away from the gym it would be highly likely that I would stop going. Luckily I have a partner to egg me on and keep me on track (if needed).

      Haven’t tried their bras, but then, I don’t know that I’d be able to fit. Moving comfort is the brand that I’m using. I thought they were exclusive to Title 9 sports (catalog and now a few stores around the country, one of which is in Seattle at Greenlake!). But when I went shopping yesterday, Roadrunner Sports next door (big running store) also had them. I’d check them out. They have nice colors, teal, hot pink, a nice blue, plus the traditional black/white. And they don’t fit like grandma pantaloons (you know, really high cut?). But anyway, without motion control, not sure I could work out without it! I wonder how they deal with that stuff on Biggest Loser. I’m rambling now, sorry, starving! Just got back from the gym and I can’t wait to eat my shrimp salad. OOoh, it’s ready. Night!


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