Who’s your role model?

21 Jan

I don’t think I’m a typical girl. I like free weights. I like being strong and having muscles. I’m not frilly or silly, or obsessed with guys, shopping, or getting married. I don’t know if it’s because I never had any strong female role models when I was younger – I was, shall I say, a bit introverted, and not the most popular person. I hid behind baggy clothes and long hair. I was chubby (as I’m much heavier now, I hesitate to call it fat), too. I didn’t really have any strong role models in  my family either.

I can’t remember ever having women or any female for that matter that I looked up to, or wanted to be like while in my younger years. I do remember that the first person that really impressed me was seeing Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, all hardcore and intense, doing chin-ups in the psych ward at the beginning of the movie. My jaw dropped. I was in love. I wanted to look like her. I wanted to *be* her.  I think that was my first inspiration to start going to the gym, back in my early 20s, and even then, it took me a few years before I did it. I remember wanting to pump iron, even though cover models for muscle mags make me ill – they look so gross! But show me a toned, muscled, hardcore, in-shape person, and I drool. Unfortunately, if I do get there, I’ll probably look more like a Russian female shot put thrower, wide, stout, and short. 

Even now, it’s that type of female that wows me and makes me want to get fit. Sassy, lean, toned, serious. None of the svelte, chic, anorexic-looking trophy wife-types for me! Anyway, just ramblin’ here.  Who is your role model?

Update: I remembered yet another big role model. I don’t really know this person, Marla, but she’s from my 2001 Outside magazine subscription and omigod she is gorgeous (she was the cover story)!!! Tada:


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4 responses to “Who’s your role model?

  1. Sasha

    January 21, 2011 at 11:56

    I prefer buff women types too! Strength is gorgeous, although I prefer a little more meat on the bone instead of too lean. When I was growing up my role models were Julia Child and Helen Keller. I especially loved Julia Child, I used to watch her show on PBS when I was very young. Odd choice for a child but I was odd. I think they were great role models to have but as for a physical role model, I get tingly thinking about the strong, outdoorsy type. Every time I see an REI ad, I think “omg someday that’s going to be me and I’m going to look so sexy in my baselayer with my quarter zip”. I told you I was still odd. 🙂

    • dietmaven

      January 21, 2011 at 13:09

      Me too! Buff is awesome. I too like a little padding rather than bony. I remembered another amazing show-stopping female (this made a major impression on me). Took me 5 minutes to find the photo from Outside magazine. Omigod. I’ll edit my post to include it.

  2. RickGetsFit

    January 21, 2011 at 14:03

    I really prefer a woman with muscle over the anorexic types. I want something to hold on to when I hug them! Cheers, Rick

  3. Ellen

    January 22, 2011 at 08:24

    I’m with you! I don’t like the look of a woman who is in the bodybuilding competitions, but that’s just me. I love the look of Halle Berry….Catwoman? – whoa! I have just started using free weights myself and am so dumbfounded why it’s take me this long to figure out that I need this in order to FEEL strong as well as look strong. Both go hand in hand and I think the stronger we feel, the easier it is to conquer identity issues.
    Great post 🙂


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