Things I’ve learned (so far)

18 Jan

This is a list of things I’ve realized/learned about exercise/nutrition. I’ve semi-done this before, so it’s compiled from more than the last 2 weeks! What things have you learned (about yourself, about weight loss, about food)?

* I’ll never be a morning person. It may sound logical to make time to exercise by getting up at 5:30 am and going to the gym and getting out of the way, hey, you even burn more calories (I’ve heard) by doing it early. But I am committed to as much sleep as possible. I know I’ll never get up early enough to make it to the gym before 10 am (and by then I’m usually at work!).

* If I don’t plan out meal possibilities for the week, and make sure I have all the ingredients handy, at some point I’ll get tired/lazy and just make the easiest/worst food I can find. Planning is my savior!

* To make evening gym time possible, I need to either have a really easy to prepare meal when I get home from the gym, or I need to prep the meal for cooking before I go. That way, when I arrive home, ravenous, I can cook and eat very quicky! No excuse to grab the baguette, a hunk of cheese, and a glass of wine.

* If I make up a large batch of dressing, I am more likely to eat salad as a snack or at mealtimes. (I do not ever buy or consume pre-made bottles of dressing, ew!).

* If I don’t cut up my apple in the morning, I won’t eat it. Taking a whole apple (and the bottle of lemon juice to put on it) to work means I’ll just carry around an organic paper weight.

* I really truly don’t care about the the number on the scale. Yes, I want to know, but I know I’m working hard, and I’m doing it to feel better. I also know I’m going to get there, so I don’t care about the weight number.

* Just starting to exercise has significantly improved my attitude. I feel so positive. All the time. Sure, I will have down moments, but overall I’m way happier than 3 weeks ago! And not to mention the runner’s high I experienced on Sunday!

* I do not like “working my core.” I do not like ab work. But I will do it anyway. I really have to push myself to do more every time. I know eventually I’ll get strong and it won’t be a big deal, but for now I hate ab work more than anything. Having a partner to work out with, or going to a class where they do it at least 5 minutes will keep me honest.

* Breakfast really is all that. I’m surprised how long a small meal keeps me satisfied. Maybe all the experts that say it’s the most important meal are right?

* I’m confirming what I already knew: I have an affinity for salty, fatty foods. Many fruit and sweet tastes (particularly fruit-based ones) do not satisfy me and I will do anything I can to avoid them (thus the need to cut up apples to eat small bites). I need to have carbs (rice, bread) with fats (cheese, avocado) to feel satiated.

* Monday nights are the worst time to go to the gym. That’s when everyone else does! Sunday nights are the best time.

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