Recap: Week 2

16 Jan

I figured that posting what I did every day is going to be a bit tiresome. While this blog is partially a journal to chronicle what exactly I’m doing, it’s not necessarily the most fun to read. I thought a good compromise is to post weekly status updates. That way I can show a snapshot of everything I did during the week. How did I do this week?

Mon: day off, ugh, too sore to move after last Sunday’s powerpump class
Tues: hour cardio
Weds: weights, 2 sets of reps, full body
Thurs: day off
Fri: 30 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes hard rowing (pant, pant), too tired to do running/treadmill. 40 minutes cardio.
Sat: 1 hr hard cardio on the treadmill. Ran for 10 minutes, 3 times, alternated with walking and hill climb for an hour.
600 calories! But I think I almost overheighted a few times (I was really pushing).
Sun: cardio (watching Iron Chef for an hour!). Alternated walking for 3-5 minutes, running for 7. Made it the full hour, and am VERY fatigued. 560 calories, or a little more. Tried to go to the powerpump class again this morning, but was way too tired and sore to get up early enough.
Total: 5 days out of 7, great for my second week! And tonight, when I finished, I was humming with energy! First time that’s happened. Came home, did a bunch of housework, then ate/watched a movie, and I’m still going strong! Wow, exercise high! While I didn’t stay very long any particular day (mostly an hour at a time), I am still increasing my strength, and stamina, and I’ve worked pretty hard each time (though I’m easing into the weights a little more carefully than the cardio). I think I’ll get stronger, and be able to stay longer later on, so I think this week rates an A-.

Food: generally very good. Had a one-bite chocolate morsel 3 times this week (individually wrapped pieces). Drank a shot of tequila or less 3 times. Wednesday night dinner I went overboard and ate too much, but I was ravenous the whole time, and the food was relatively healthy, so I don’t feel too bad about that. Went out for dim sum on Sunday, I ate an entire order of walnut shrimp (deep fried with a mayo sauce, but only a small plate of it) but overall had much less than I normally do as I was trying to avoid anything (else) fried. Only drank straight jasmine tea. Did not get the egg custard desserts or get my favorite coconut pastry afterwards when walking by the dozens of Chinese bakeries. Also avoided getting a taro milk tea with tapioca pearls (mmmmmmm, I know there has to be some bad calories in that!). When I did get luxury cofffee this week, I got the skinny version, and only a tall instead of a grande. Only did this once this week. Yeah! Not bad, to only have eaten out once, and it was dim sum – mostly steamed rice paper with shrimps, soy sauce and hot mustard. Grade: B+

This coming week, I’m going to amp up the weights to be 3 sets instead of 2. I think I’ve gotten the muscles used to it now and it shouldn’t be too damaging. I did a bunch of research online about weight training routines and found out that I’m pretty close to a good intro set. I think I am going to do it twice a week and finish out the month. I’m planning to try doing the same routine for a month at a time then change it up – change the exercises to alternates so that I work different areas of the big muscle groups.

I’m still worried about my shoulder (the upper edge of the rotator cuff) from the car accident I had 2 years ago – I still don’t have full range of motion there – but I’m trying to take it slow and ease into building strength in my deltoids to avoid injury. I also know that I will have to really focus on the muscle right above the knee, but on the inside of the leg. Not sure if that is the inner thigh or something else.

So far have pushed really well into running. I think in a week or two I can probably run for a full 30 minutes straight, at a low speed of course, and increase from there. I am remembering how much I absolutley *love* the way running feels. I love how it stretches out the quads. The whole feeling of my body in motion is so much fun. I hope my ankle cooperates enough to let me continue running, it’s definitely my exercise of choice, while the stationary bike is my least favorite.

I’ve done this for 2 weeks now, and I know I’ve lost a few pounds (exactly how much I’m not entirely sure). I think this actually may be achievable! Anyway, have to get ready for bed, up early to figure out lunch (I never did make my big pot o’ soup today). Night!


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3 responses to “Recap: Week 2

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    January 17, 2011 at 17:10

    It looks like an AWESOME week to me! Well done! It’s great that you’re easing into the more strenuous exercise and pausing to evaluate the effects. So many times we jump wholeheartedly into something and end up injuring ourselves in our enthusiasm. Or maybe that was just me. 🙂

    • dietmaven

      January 17, 2011 at 17:32

      Heh, that’s funny. I’ve done this start and stop the gym routine so many times (instead of yo-yo dieting, I do yo-yo exercising), that it feels like old hat. I know what I used to be capable of, so I have high expectations, but I know it takes a month or two to get into it. I’ve done the jump into it and get hurt enough times to know how to *not* do it. My problem is consistency! My uber goal is to lose 75 lbs. My micro goal is to make it past 3 months and still be going strong with the gym routine. Oh, and thanks for the kind words!!!

  2. Rachael

    January 17, 2011 at 17:29

    Workouts look great! Tracking them has got to be helpful. I love running too, it is one of those cardio workouts that when you are finished you feel like you have really done something worthwhile. Be careful with your injuries. I look forward to following your progress. 🙂


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