The little successes

13 Jan

Thursdays are officially one of my days off. I work, then in the evening, I volunteer at a local photo lab/gallery/school until 9:30 as a digital lab monitor. Home by 10. While I may be wanting to work out, I’m not stupid, and I’d rather make this my at least once a week day off and relax and get a full night’s sleep instead.

As I’ve already taken Tuesday off as a recovery day, I don’t think I can slack through the weekend. So definitely having gym time tomorrow.

I did amazing today food-wise. I have reduced my morning shake (frozen blueberries, yogurt, soymilk) to be a large mug, but not a second serving. I think I’ve got the calories down to 250-275. Lunch was great: apple, soup, and I had a few slices of chedder & water crackers, oh, and a small extra of polenta in my soup, yummy! I had leftover soup and a chunk of baguette left in my freezer, so I thought that maybe I’d have it for dinner before I went to be lab monitor for the evening, but I was full! So I heated it up in the microwave and finished it at 8:30, when I started to get so hungry I couldn’t think of anything else. Scrumptious and filling. No need to have any of J’s tom ka soup (coconut milk!) that he just made! He also offered me a glass of wine. After thinking about it for a good 5 seconds, I realized I didn’t need it and said no thanks!

So, the little success for today: no soreness! And when I went in to work, I ran up the steps into the building. Huh! Felt good! Wow. Nice to finally not drag my feet and deliberately, slowly, and methodically plod into the building. Score! I felt great today! Oh, and before going in to the lab, I had a low-fat machiatto at Starbucks!!!! I didn’t have the courage to do non-fat so I had 1% and I got a tall instead of a grande. I’d probably get it again; I was surprised it didn’t taste “diet.” Not sure it was worth it (calorie output vs. satiation happiness) but good enough.

But I do have to be careful, I’m starting to feel like I can splurge on little things that will not be good calorie wise. I need to keep to a modest-sized dinner, that’s my biggest danger area, stop having the little bits of alcohol that I’ve been consuming (all less than a full serving, but all not necessary), and really try to eat closer to 1500 calories than 2000. And I probably shouldn’t have had those 2 lindt chocolate balls, but I was feeling deprived and wanting a hot chocolate. I don’t feel bad, but I probably won’t be doing that very often!

That’s it. Time to get some sleep and start all over tomorrow.


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2 responses to “The little successes

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    January 14, 2011 at 15:29

    Yaay for a really good day! Here’s hoping it’s the start of a trend! 🙂

    • dietmaven

      January 14, 2011 at 16:03

      Thanks! Breakfasts and lunches are starting to become habit. It’s the when I get home and get the munchies that I have to beware of. And the, “that’s it for dinner?!” internal response I may have. Weekends are going to be murder, consistently, though, since temptation is only a few steps away into the kitchen, for an entire day!

      I’m getting there, though!!!


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