Getting into the weights (kinda)

12 Jan

Working out yesterday must have been good for me, it seems to have stretched all my muscles and gotten the blood flowing where it was needed. I woke up today relatively refreshed, not sore, and feeling good! Today I ate well again, as always, and went to the gym and did 15 minutes walk/running warmup (150 calories!), plus a whole round of weights. I’m still trying to figure out a good routine, and I’m still fumbling around learning what weight machines are where. I’ve done this before, why can’t I remember what to do?!??!

Does anyone have some good routines I can check out? I can’t *quite* afford the personal training package, though I’m thinking of signing up for a few next month (3 sessions for $129). For now I’m doing a back (lat pulldowns), a chest (right now seated press on a machine), bicep and tricep. I added legs today, since I didn’t feel up to it last time, and I worked them hard on Sunday’s powerpump class, so I’ve broken the legs’ cherry so to speak. I did aductors and abductors (inner/outer thighs), leg curls and leg extensions, standing calf presses (no machine, just good ol’ body weight!), and a seated leg press. Oh, and abs.

Did I mention today is the third time I’ve done abs, not much, mind you, and the third time I had significant spasms contorting me in pain on the floor until it passed? Have you ever had a charlie horse? Imagine it is the size of your stomach, and oh look, it IS your stomach?! I hope I get over the stomach strain soon. This is getting tiresome (let alone incredibly embarassing – look, the new year resolutionist did 20 crunches and pulled her stomach muscles! How sad!). Grrr.

Dinner, probably ate too much, but I’m still wanting more, so maybe not too much after all. A big pork loin chop seared, steamed broccoli (with NO BUTTER! Amazing!) , and a big mess o’ polenta. I’m cooking it in half chicken stock, half 2% milk, no butter. I know corn is probably not the best thing to eat, but I kinda wanted something yummy and warm and stomach-coating.

I started the day not-sore and I’m ending it sore. I must be doing well then.

OH! And yesterday I weighed myself. I think I may have lost 3-4 pounds. I was on the scale in my towel and flip-flops and weighed just just over 200, so I must have lost a few, though when I started I can’t remember if I wore clothes and sneakers or not, that could account for most of the difference. I can’t really be that pleased, since I don’t have an accurate starting number. I should consider getting a scale at home, it would help to be able to do it in my birthday suit before having breakfast!


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2 responses to “Getting into the weights (kinda)

  1. Sasha

    January 13, 2011 at 11:33

    You probably should have a scale at home and take measurements. Taking measurements really can be a great way to see your progress when the scale is going haywire, which it often does. 😐

    • dietmaven

      January 13, 2011 at 13:53

      You convinced me! I’ll get one.


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