Jan. 11 update (past few days)

11 Jan

Yesterday I elected to not go to the gym. I’m still recovering from the beat down my body took from the weight class on Sunday. I was having a major struggle getting up and sitting down, and even walking! Combined with a last minute overtime opportunity to go in to work at 4 am, I decided I would just stay home, rest, make dinner, and keep the evening light.

Well, good thing! After coming in after 3+ hours of sleep, and manhandling large heavy crates around for 40 minutes, I think I pulled muscles in my arms and I couldn’t even fully extend them today. I went home for an extra hour of sleep before going back to work at my normal start time. I’m pretty tired, but in good shape. I even managed to make it to the gym, but all cardio, however, that’s for sure!

I think I still need to get the trick of having more simple dinners ready to go for post-workout sessions. I have been having trouble coming home from work, going to the gym, then being done and being ravenous at 8-9 pm. Having to *then* go home and prepare dinner has been a struggle. I kinda want to say f*ck it, and grab the easiest thing possible (which you can imagine is nothing good), or just go to bed hungry. I either need to prep before going to the gym so cooking is a snap, or make my boyfriend do everything before I come home, which isn’t fair to him (even though he would be willing to do that often enough).

I’m still hanging in there. I haven’t splurged too much other than 3 very small slices of pizza on Sunday night and a 3 oz. of red wine last night, so I’m not upset with myself. I have always known that limiting calories is going to be my biggest struggle. I *love* food. I *love* eating, and I absolutely adore having a full (not overfull) tummy. Eating just enough to not be hungry is a really big ordeal for me. When I hear anything that references deprivation or “giving up” food I cringe and just can’t do it! I can limit, and reduce, and have “just a little,” but I can’t forego food. It’s too yummy.

And now that my cold is about over, or reduced enough not to affect my gym workouts, I should be back in force going forward, starting tonight. I’d rather work out hard alot than eat 1500 calories. I think I can manage 1800, but lower than that is always going to be a huge struggle.

Tonight managed a full hour of cardio, 545 calories on the treadmill. My ankle pain kinda started up, which it does when I try running (I was doing 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking, and then started to push it a little, and the pain started after 35 minutes. Crapola).  It’s an hour and a half later and I’m waiting for my soup to finish cooking, those damn chick peas are taking forever!!!!  Tomorrow – weights! I should be recovered enough to do a bunch of upper body, maybe lower body. And maybe 30 minutes of warmup cardio?

It’s snowing here, just for tonight, so I’m going to go pet my kittens, look out the window and go to bed. ‘Night!!!


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2 responses to “Jan. 11 update (past few days)

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    January 12, 2011 at 14:43

    I do a lot of batch cooking and freezing in individual containers. It’s so much easier to choose the right thing if it’s already cooked. When I was working, I exercised after work and many nights I just grabbed a Subway sandwich on the way home. Not the healthiest, but better than a bag of M&Ms. 🙂

    Be careful you don’t over-push and cause injury! Slow-but-steady!

    • dietmaven

      January 13, 2011 at 10:10

      That’s kinda what I need to do too! I think Sundays are going to be cooking a big batch o’ soup for the week, but maybe earlier in the day, not the evening, so when I go to the gym at 7 pm to watch Iron Chef I can come home, be tired, not want to cook, and then not have to!

      I have a couple side dishes I like to make which hold over as extras really well for work, so I just have to get in a routine of making more than I would normally consume so that I have leftovers aplenty! Thanks for the reminder to do this, definitely have to tweek the weekly schedule to make eating healthy while exercising in the evenings a possibility!


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