Fitness goal ramblings

08 Jan

My friend S and I are both overweight. Yet we both like outdoor fitness activities. While on my last snowshoe excursion with her, we talked about how fit we had gotten last summer, when we made a pact to hike every week. And that’s what we did. In 2010, from March through August we did a 6-11 mile hike up mountains, in the wilderness. Not flat walks by the ocean, but the kind with switchbacks, serious elevation gain, and with trekking poles and hiking boots (we do live in the pacific northwest, after all). It was hard, we had a blast, and we both became a lot more fit. Then September happened, we both fell off the wagon/had burnout/took a break, and then after 3 months of didly squat  it was the holidays and the start of 2011!!!

I got a pair of snowshoes for christmas and we made plans to regularly go out and snowshoe and hike again. We both were back to huffing and puffing up stairs, and being generally unfit. Neither of us have been doing any real exercise or eating well. And those long drives out to the wilderness are great for talking, catching up, and discussing the things that are important, goals, challenges, life improvements, that kind of thing. 

A year ago, in 2010, we made a pact – “No fast food!” and we stuck with it for a long time, then she broke it, and I took it as an excuse to have a little fast food here and there. Well, we made the pact again, and this time, I decided to do more. I vowed that I would no longer eat any fast food, and that I wouldn’t drink any regular sodas (which I rarely do, luckily). I also had decided to go to the gym a few weeks earlier, so it was all part and parcel of the same trend: become more healthy in habit, in food, in deed.

About this time I talked about the changes I wanted to make with my boyfriend, J. I wanted him to know the financial changes I was going to make – ie, not buying any alcohol at the store, trying to buy less bad/expensive stuff at the store (a big portion had to do with the financial aspect, not just the calories, as I’m trying to pay $10,000 of debt this year). He was more than ready to do the same. He has been depressed over his health, not having regular work, and some other things, so we both decided to go to the gym, eat better, and drink less (me much less, him wine every day, but no hard acohol except for once a week). This all happened at the same time as the outdoor activities with S, so I feel like I have made a great decision, with a lot of support from all the important people that are around me.

Today I am still recovering from cold #2. Yesterday I was horribly congested and coughing. TOday I am less so, but not better. I will hook up with S later today and we are going for at least a big walk around Greenlake (2+ miles around), followed by a movie at her place and hot tub (for the medicinal aspects, only, I assure you! *grin*). This morning J and I are going shopping, due to the insane sale prices at Macy’s. I have to be extra frugal and careful not to spend, but I feel confident.

The big struggle today will be food. I will not be during the M-F work routine, so I’ll not have my regular pre-prepared food options handy. I have to make sure I make a nice filling healthy breakfast first, and have some snacks with me when I venture out into the big scary, restaurant/junk-filled food world. I think I’m going to stash some kashi bars in the car, slice up an apple with lemon juice in a ziplock bag, and have a bagel and 2 eggs for breakfast (more than I usually do, but for longevity purposes add that second egg).

Tomorrow I have my intro power pump class. I hope I am not blowing my nose every 30 seconds. That would suck.


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2 responses to “Fitness goal ramblings

  1. Rita @ Fitblogger

    January 8, 2011 at 12:30

    Welcome to healthy living blog community! New years timing does suck, totally, but you know, we all pick a day right? Mine was May 14, 2009, it could have been January 1, what matters is, you’re doing it!

    I look forward to getting to know you better on your journey and have fun in power pump class. That sounds wicked.

    • dietmaven

      January 11, 2011 at 13:03

      Thanks Rita! Ugh, my muscles *hurt*! Thanks for the welcome. I think having a support group can only help. I’m trying to become motivated by others, and stay motivated by blogging. Gracias…I’ll be keeping an eye on fitblogger!


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