My first excuse of 2011

06 Jan

Yesterday I took the day off from the gym as I felt awful, truly hideously awful. I ate healthy, except for a shot of tequila  when I got home (to make me feel less awful, or at least more cozy) and the handful of tortilla chips that I ate at work without thinking and then promptly stopped halfway through when I realized WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!, and threw the rest of the handful away. (old habits die hard and all that! At least I stopped myself!).  Last night I kept waking up coughing and snuffling all night, so today I was a wreck and took the day off. No way in hell I can talk on the phone all day! I can only breathe out of one nostril.

I’m disappointed that I got sick AGAIN and so quickly, but I’m ok with taking a brief rest. I already  know I’ll be going back to the gym, possibly snowshoeing with my friend on Saturday (provided we are both healthy, as we both have a cold), and then I have my intro Powerpump class at the gym on Sunday morning. So today I am keeping motivated, trying to find weight loss/fitness blogs to read, trying not to let being home and around too much food derail my food choices, and hopefully heal up for improved gym time soon!

How many calories do you burn when you blow your nose all day long and sit on your ass on the computer, anyway?

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