Three for three (Jan 3)

04 Jan

I feel good today! I don’t know if it’s the endorphins from having exercised the last 2 days, starting to eat more healthily, my resolve and plans coming to fruition, or the fact that it’s actually SUNNY in Seattle during the winter! It’s been dry, super cold (below freezing), and completely clear and sunny for the last 4 days, a most rare and precious occurrence for the Pacific NW. I’m not complaining!

 Definitely feel the past 2 days’ activities, but didn’t go so overboard that I hurt and can’t move. No beginner mistakes for me – I’ve done this start and stop gym thing so many times it’s old hat by now. Slow and easy into it. My big change is that I’m doing the smaller portions, lower fat, more healthy food ingredients at the same time that I am going to try and work out much more significantly (quantity-wise) than I have previously done. Hopefully wham-o for weight loss!

 Forgot to weigh in and find out my current weight, so will do that tonight. 225 starting weight, I was right.

 Accomplishments: Day 3 of the year, day 3 of the gym! Eating well! And most of all, I got up early today (which will always be my biggest struggle), enough to not only make a healthful lunch with snacks, but with enoughtime to actually MAKE BREAKFAST! I’ll let you in on a secret. I don’t *do* breakfasts mostly because I’m a sloth in the morning. I make coffee to fill in my 16 oz. tumbler, drink that until it’s empty and I’ms tarving, then look for snacks at work if it’s during the week (or eat an early lunch), or if it’s the weekend, I’m out and about and absolutely have to eat immediately and end up stopping for lunch (expensive AND not always completely healthy). It was 11:30 this morning and I was still satisfied. All from my whole wheat English muffin, fried egg and ¼ avocado. Fat (avo), protein (egg), grain (ww bread). Good for satiation! Weight training starts tonight, too. If it wasn’t for J going with me, I may have put that off for a few weeks. I have a hard time setting up a routine, so I am always fearful to start, which is funny, since I really like weight training and free weights.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 ww muffin with 1 ½ tsp. of butter (as little as I could stand), and ¼ avocado since I had some left over from making lunch. Coffee with sugar and whipping cream (out of half and half, haven’t bought 2 % milk yet – will do that tonight).

Lunch: large apple sliced with lemon juice, small chunk of beecher’s chedder cheese, handful of water crackers, handful of raw almonds, roast chicken slices on baguette with avocado and tons of lettuce. Small portion of red cabbage cooked in stock and vinegar. 1 kashi bar.

Dinner: chicken tacos: large tortillas, red onion, tomato, shredded cheese, chicken shredded from yesterday, dirty rice. Didn’t use sour cream after all and used avocado instead. Yeah for me. 

Bad: full fat cream in my coffee (nothing else left in the fridge, but that is soon to be remedied!).

Tip #1: Use avocado slices instead of mayo on sandwiches. Replaces a saturated fat while providing a creamy lusciousness with a good source of fat instead! I’m surprised to learn that avocados have a lot less calories than I thought. This is compliments of a tip from The Biggest Loser season 10.

Tip #2: Those little bottles of lemon and lime juice are a fantastic addition to snacks. I hate eating whole apples, I much prefer slicing it up. However, do it in advance and it gets brown. When I added the lemon juice to keep it from oxidizing, it added a wonderful zing of flavor. I’ve also tried it on carrot sticks with good results. Makes me almost like apples now (not my favorite fruit, but they are so plentiful and easy compared to other softer fruits, at least in winter).

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