Neither cold nor flu shall sway me…

04 Jan

I can’t believe this, I am recovering from a nasty cold (which is the reason why this blog started on New Year’s rather than mid-December like it was supposed to), and I am now fighting off yet ANOTHER cold, at the SAME TIME! There is something wrong with the universe. I’ve already gone through the I feel fine, I’m sneezing a lot, hmm, my throat is a little scratchy, uh oh my throat is hurting, my nose is constantly dripping and I don’t have enough tissues, now I’m getting semi-congested, to I’m ice cold, my head feels funny and I have a fever, and it’s all happened in the last 6 hours!!!! I hope that means that it’s a lite version and will be gone and done with by tomorrow.

Despite the crappy nose dripping, swollen throat and being generally icky, I still planned on doing gym time. I’ve arranged my entire evening around it. So I’m going no matter what, to pound the treadmill, which lasted 35 minutes (I went until I hit 300 calories), and then hit the sauna for as long as I can stand it, to try and shake the rest of it out of me. It’s not fair. I have been eating very very well, sleeping plenty, starting to take vitamins with big doses of Vitamin D3, and this happens. What the hey?

Accomplishments: Gym time, no matter what! That’s 4 for 4 so far this year. All cardio, as I did light weights last night and I’ve recovered enough to do more cardio. I did walking/short 2 minute slow running sprints. Between being fresh off the couch and in the beginning stages of illness, I couldn’t handle more than that, but at least I did it. Can’t wait until I can run 4 miles. I feel absolutely crappy right now, at home, but I would have felt bad no matter what, so why not keep losing weight while doing it?

Breakfast: ww English muffin with 1 ½ tsp. butter (really), 1 fried egg (getting tired of this already), coffee

Snacks/lunch: apple slices, handful almonds, 3 slices cheddar, baguette sandwich with avo, roast chicken slices, lettuce, 2 Emergen-C packages (they have 25 calories each), 1 kashi bar

Dinner: shrimp salad with olive oil/vinegar dressing, mandarin oranges out of a can, goat cheese crumbles – the shrimp is sauteed in roasted garlic infused olive oil (we make it ourselves).

Good: Avoided eating the extra chocolate pieces stashed at my desk. You know, when there’s the abundance in the candy bowl in the reception area (what? Doesn’t every job come with one?!?!?) and you put some pieces aside since you don’t really need to eat the 5th piece in one day but you know that time will come when no one brings candy in, for like 2 weeks straight? That candy stash? Well I have one, since I felt like being good after xmas, and I haven’t used it up yet! So I haven’t had any in 2 days. I keep going through the motions of being bored, and opening up my drawer for something to do (which means snacking when you aren’t hungry) and being tempted, but not succumbing. I’m so proud of myself! I also stopped myself from getting a hot chocolate from the espresso stand down the street. I think I’m searching for food to keep myself occupied while fighting off this cold. I often eat too much in the beginning to avoid feeling my throat get sore (if you chew/swallow you won’t notice as much). Weird habit, maybe I’m the only one who does this. Anyway, I feel virtuous!

Bad: Nothing to report, how awesome is that?! I even declined a glass of red wine with dinner. I said I’d regularly not drink alcohol if I could help it, even if I don’t have to pay for it, and I’m sticking to it. How many calories have I avoided today? ….Hmmmm.

Now it’s time for dinner, followed shortly by alka seltzer so I can sleep undisturbed.

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